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Favorite Health Food: salted soya nuts

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My Preferred Method of Exercise: roller skating and walking

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Emotional indulgent over eating
by - 11/09/2017 8:38AM

Hey everyone, so does anyone else feel blue and just eat to 'treat' themselves?   I do this all the ... Read More ›


Oh, I definitely know what you mean! I'm an emotional eater, too. I use food to make myself feel better or to reward myself.I've decided that I'm not going to do that anymore, though. My body is worth more to me than the treats that I use to sabotage the weight loss progress. That one little treat is going to make me feel worse in the long run. It's not worth it.Once you figure out how to get your mindset right, it makes it a lot easier. My goal was not to eat any Halloween candy. Here we are, two weeks later, and I still have not had a single piece! I've had a small dessert here and there, but no candy. I'm working hard to be consistent with my workouts, so the progress is finally starting to show.Let's do this -- we can be stronger than those treats! You've got this!

Stephanny D.

What I do is try to have "healthier" cheat treats such as popcorn instead of chips, also crackers that are not as bad as eating oreos for example, Sprouts Market has this great crackers the brand is "Back to Nature" and the best thing you could you is read the labels and compare which is better and get that one, or rotisserie chicken instead of going to popeyes and getting the 11 pieces for like 12 bucks lol or even better have fruit even if its not the best thing you could eat because of the sugar (though is the good one!) it's still better than chips and all the other stuff we crave. Hope I helped :)