Carrie G.

To be healthy, so I can live a full life with my family

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Kale chips and watermelon

Favorite Sinful Food: Chocolate

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Dance fitness, running

My Approach to Weight Loss: Calorie counting and activity tracking

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: Polar Heart Rate Monitor

DietBet Winnings: $669.61

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-2% Since last weigh-in-3.1 lbs
-2% 1-Month Change-3.1 lbs
-12.8% Lifetime Change-21.9 lbs

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What is that sound?!
by - 02/21/2017 11:48AM

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself, right? I am smack dab in the middle of my weight loss ... Read More ›

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Anna Jo Ricky

I would go to walmart and buy the cheapest spanx type thing you can find for that area first it will hold it in, second it will make you sweat there a little? never know might work!

Referee Stacey

Great attitude!
Hello, it's me....
by - 02/13/2016 5:57AM

It's been a while since I last blogged.  I meant to blog regularly throughout this whole dietbet, bu... Read More ›

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Biking Syl

I disagree. You came back to your blog, that's all that counts. So you kept that resolution. It's like weight loss: Never look back, just get right back on track after you fall off the wagon. There's only one way to go and you're doing it, no matter how long it takes. Awesome!!

Carrie G.

I'm not really sure why half of my post is missing. Smh. Maybe I'll do another blog later. Thanks biking syl, you are always encouraging and I really appreciate that ????
7 miles down, 6 more to go
by - 01/18/2016 6:30AM

In the half marathon training program my friend and I are doing, yesterday was our first "big" sched... Read More ›

Biking Syl

Amazing milestone!!! Congrats!
I can see clearly now, the rain is gone!
by - 01/13/2016 12:26PM

Okay, okay.... Yesterday I had a case of the grouchies.  Everyone has those days where nothing seems... Read More ›

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I have a case of the grouchies myself. I think it's going around. :) Good for you to sticking to everything!

Biking Syl

Great progress! And don't call it whiny.... you just had to get it out of your system. After you did it, you went back on track, that's what counts. That half marathon project sounds so cool - definitely keep us posted!!
The Mondayest Tuesday Ever
by - 01/12/2016 8:10AM

This blog post is going to be kind of whiny, so I apologize in advance (no one is probably going to ... Read More ›

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I'm sorry that you're having a Monday-ey Tuesday. The fact that you got up, got other humans ready, got them to school, then got out there and ran? That is a great feat. Even if it doesn't feel like it. I'm a single mom of two, I have been single their whole lives. They both have lupus, so that effects their moods a great deal. There are days where NOTHING will get them to move, in fact it will shut them down even more, and they won't respond to anything. It takes a lot of inner strength being a Mom. You got them to school though. You went for that run when the other two chose not to. You kept going when the others left you behind. You're doing great. -- is a great site to help you with organization. It's been helping me get my life organized. You can find them on Facebook too. They'll post daily and tell you things like "Take ten minutes to clear off the nearest surface to you." or remind you nightly to un-eff your next morning by having things set up and ready to go. It helps you take steps at a time so that the tasks aren't too overwhelming. I hope your dog gets better soon too. It's hard seeing them sick. Take care, and I'm wishing you the best. :)

Biking Syl

On the good side: Statistically, you should be done with bad stuff for the week. Maybe you can find comfort in that. :-) And pat yourself on the back for not letting the others mess up your training effort!
Sunday, RUNday
by - 01/10/2016 2:38PM

Sundays for me have notoriously been lazy afternoons, watching NFL with my hubby and just doing a lo... Read More ›

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Thats awesome. I know how life can swallow up your identy...I am now 55 and realize how much time I am having for myself, and have to organize it ...I am worse than when I was so busy with other people that I didn't have time for least then, I knew what I wanted to do when I had a minute! Now I just have so much to do that I am confused problem...but true..

Biking Syl

Great workout! And such a cool project for yourself!
Train Insane or Remain the Same
by - 01/08/2016 3:25PM

Train Insane or Remain the Same.  My 16 yr old son has a shirt with that saying on it.  I haven't re... Read More ›

It's not Swagger, I'm just sore
by - 01/06/2016 8:17AM

So yesterday 3 friends and I began training for our very first half marathon coming up in March.  It... Read More ›

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Chrystal M.

I love your title of this post...Drew me in like a bee to the hive. Can't wait to here how your marathon goes!

Lynne R.

Epsom salts in a warm bath. Soak for about 15-20 min. I agree with the foam rolling. Or go get a massage!! :-)
Half Marathon Training, Day 1-- WTH have I gotten myself into!?!
by - 01/05/2016 12:51PM

okay.  I realize that some of you are marathon pros, and you probably run like a half marathon every... Read More ›

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Chrystal M.

Nothing like a HUGE commitment to keep the focus going...Just go, go, go!

Carrie G.

Thanks Ted! My friend and I went to a running store and got fitted for good running shoes a couple of weeks ago. My feet feel great after this morning's run! I'm excited to challenge myself to try something new. I only have two goals-- to finish, and not be last! lol
Monday FUNday!
by - 01/04/2016 11:15AM

I have been looking forward to this Monday for about 3 weeks now!  My good friend (and fitness mento... Read More ›

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