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Favorite Health Food: Tomato and cucumber salad!

Favorite Sinful Food: Pizza and any kind of German pasta dish.

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Running, weight lifting, horse training.

My Approach to Weight Loss: Realistic

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: FitBit

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-1.1% Since last weigh-in-3 lbs
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+16.4% Lifetime Change+37.2 lbs

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PCOS vs. Weight Loss
by - 03/02/2016 5:51AM

2 years ago I was a happy, healthy college girl ready for senior year. Right after graduation things... Read More ›

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Susan S.

I wish you well on your journey and recovering your health! I think there are several DB games that are geared toward women with PCOS - I have noticed this from time to time. I would recommend that you visit This blog has so many great gluten free recipes that you might find some new recipes to enjoy. There are also community groups on DietBet that you might want to check out - I would imagine that there are some especially for PCOS.

Tamara M.

I have PCOS also. I was diagnosed at 20 years old and was told I would not have kids without fertility treatments. At the time, I was 50 lbs overweight, living in Texas eating all the wonderful southern foods and not very active. I had a cyst surgically removed from my ovary because it was the size of a grapefruit. I refused to take Metformin. Fast-forward 4 years later, I moved back to Canada and decided to take charge of my health, working out 6 days/week and eating 6 small meals/day to keep my blood sugar stable - more protein than carbs and lots of veggies. I lost 50 lbs and ended-up getting pregnant (surprise!). My doctor here told me "Oh yeah! With proper diet and exercise, the insulin resistance goes away, making it easier to conceive". Who knew? (Side note: I also have hypothyroidism. Have you had your thryoid checked? They often go hand-in -hand and may further explain your difficulty losing weight.) I know each person is different and I am not saying you will be able to conceive, but it is worth examining your diet to see what and how often you're eating. Work-up a good sweat for at least 30 minutes/day. The results will come, at least in terms of weight loss.
by - 03/01/2016 5:37AM

Last month was my first dietbet. I have 25 pounds to lose by mid April...last month I not only lost ... Read More ›

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Tamara M.

Nothing to be ashamed of! You did not fail at all. You lost 4lbs! The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to lose it slowly yet steadily. I know 1lb/week may feel too slow and like you're not accomplishing anything, but think of it this way (as my husband always asks me): If I told you that at the end of this year, you'd be 52lbs lighter, would you be happy? 1-2lbs/week is the way to go and you are well on your way! Keep it up!


Thanks you guys!! That really helps :)