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Kelly H.

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Favorite Health Food: Hummus, eggs, watermelon, tofu

Favorite Sinful Food: Mac and cheese, pizza, pasta

My Preferred Method of Exercise: CrossFit, waking

My Approach to Weight Loss: Lifestyle change!

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Noom

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $446.42

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David G.

03/25/2019 8:49PM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via android
Any tips or tricks for people who travel for work? My new job will have me travelling at least 2 days per week. The hotels always have a fitness room, and I am comfortable running in cities I dont know. But I feel like eating out more meals in a week than I used to do in a mo th may be my downfall.

I start travel this week (Dallas), and please believe I am going to eat some BBQ

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Valorie H.

I’m going to Hawaii in 2 weeks, and I am planning to fast when my family is having home-cooked breakfasts and snacks. I will eat the lunches and dinner that are actually worth it to me! I will also fast during travel time, only having sparkling water, unsweetened tea and black coffee. I am used to fasting for up to 20 hours though, so if you are not accustomed to it, just skipping breakfast might be the easiest.

David G.

I do 16/8 or 20/4 fasting currently. So I'm hoping that will help


03/24/2019 8:45AM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via android
Counting calories has worked so well for me to lose weight, but I'm worried about how I'll ever stop. Once I get to my goal weight I don't want to keep counting calories I want to be able to eat the right foods and proportions but it terrifies me to stop counting calories. It's become almost an obsession.

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Kelly H.

Maybe instead of counting calories you try just a food journal. A little less work than counting calories if it’s just accountability you need?


Great ideas everyone thank you! I think a food journal might be a really good way to go.


03/20/2019 9:55AM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via android
Do you already know what you'll spend your "winnings" for, at the end of the game? About me, I hope to get a new fitness band / smartwatch, if Garmin makes one that I like in the next few months! What will be your final reward?

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It will go in the pot for the travel I plan for this summer.


We're going on a cruise if I meet my goals and this will be my spending money!!


03/19/2019 9:14AM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via iPhone
I had some medical mishaps, but I’m back on track. as long as I make the May weigh in, I can still get some of the pot, right? I don’t actually know how it works if you make some months, but miss some months. Is it in the FAQ?

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Kim S

I only made the 6% loss and the final weigh in on one Transformer and I did a little better than breaking even. You should definitely keep going.


The rules are clear, but the pot rules are a little confusing, silly Jo.

Thank you, everyone! I started a new birth control and had water weight and a period for two solid months :unamused:.

Abby L.

03/16/2019 9:46AM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via iPhone
  • Hi!!! I didn’t hit my feb goal by 2 pounds so I felt a bit defeated, but I wanted to post this NSV! St Patrick’s day has its own weekend in Chicago and this is the first time in my life I feel confident in my body to show a peek of skin with a tied up shirt!!!! Thanks to the effort I’ve given and the weight I’ve lost (despite goals) I’ve gained so much confidence in myself!

Ballew1011 , Amanda M. and like this photo.

Kelly H.

Yes girl! You look great! I’m in Chicago too - enjoy that green river!

Baboon B.

My Gosh Abby, you look stunning. The only person that matters with your weight loss is YOU. Love Chicago. If you can, go for dinner on friday or saturday at the alhambra palace. The live entertainment is unreal. The belly dancers and music is amazing.

Kelly H.

03/14/2019 11:09PM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via iPhone
  • Work is my biggest struggle. I’m constantly surrounded by bad foods. But I will not let my goals be conquered by tasty looking treats. NOT TODAY SATAN

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snake mauss

Environmental factors are rough. Have you tried Noom?

Kelly H.

I do use Noom :)

Kelly H.

03/13/2019 10:16AM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via iPhone
  • Finally going through my entire wardrobe and trying everything on for donation (and hopefully find a few old gems that fit me now that I can wear!) and I tried on my red Christmas dress I wore to a work party Christmas before the most recent. I was so embarrassed - the dress was so tight and even with high wasted tights you could see my belly button and my fat being sinched by the tights. That dress is now TOO big and in the donation pile. It doesn’t even rest on my stomach anymore let alone suck into it and is baggy under the arms. NSV are the best :)

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J G.

Amazing work!!

Crystal H.

You look great in it


03/12/2019 4:28PM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via android
  • I almost threw in the towel tonight to night cardio. But I went and got 30 minutes before they closed!

    Supper was well...you can see lol

    I am ready for tomorrow and I WILL NOT CELEBRATE WITH FOOD!

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snake mauss

I vote for broccoli! Or Brussels.

Kelly H.

Yummmm protein. That’s what my meals look like a lot lol. Delicious and filling and good for goals :)


03/12/2019 3:09PM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via android
I want to start working out! What are your favorite workouts that give you the best results? What motivates you??

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Kelly H.

CrossFit! I had MAJOR gym phobia and was so intimidated walking in and signing up but the community CrossFit fosters is AMAZING. I LOVE going now and look forward to my workout days. Everyone is so nice and supportive and there are truly people at every level and stage of their journey. I’m so glad I put myself out of my comfort zone because I found something I truly love and can see myself doing long term. I hope you find that too! It may not be CrossFit but I truly believe there is something everyone will love


I enjoy hiking, walking and now some running also. I joined a run bet and it has kept me motivated. No matter how tired I am I do my run/fast walk.

Jennifer M.

03/12/2019 4:20AM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes
Is it bad that I'm saving some of calories today so that I can have whiskey tonight??

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Jennifer M.

Stacey O., I am out of Tennessee Fire so just regular black label Jack Daniels. I can always stop at the liquor store on my way home...any recommendations?

Mindy S.

Lol, depends on how often you do this!
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