Too many reasons to list them all but I wanna be healthier and fitter to enjoy all the adventures life has to offer...also be comfortable in a seat on a plane would be nice cause I travel a lot :)

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Broccoli <3

Favorite Sinful Food: Kinder Chocolate <3

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Body Pump, Bootcamp, Body Balance, Swim

My Approach to Weight Loss: IF, Calorie counting, Meal Prep

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Intermittent Fasting

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Lifesum

Fitness Devices: FitBit

DietBet Winnings: $669.47

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Amanda E.

10/23/2020 11:42AM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
Weighed in a 0.4 below my goal for this round :) Hoping to maintain or lose even a little by round weigh in this weekend.

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Congratulations! I made it on the dot by the skin of my teeth :sweat_smile:...just waiting for confirmation... Also Hope to make it past my goal for the next round.


Congrats!!! I made it. But I’ll have to work even harder because I lost a lot less than last month, A LOT LESS. But enough to make it. We’ve got this. :hearts::heart:
Sina has weighed in at xxx pounds, up 3.1 pounds
09/10/2020 6:05PM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!

Total weight lost is now 1,217 pounds! Average is 2.4 pounds.

Kelly S.

08/29/2020 4:59AM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
  • Another workout in the books! What is your favorite workout?

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Shera the Conquerer



HIIT. So much bang for your buck!

Sarah R.

08/24/2020 3:07PM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
Hey everyone! I am so excited to get started on this DietBet. This is my third one, but my first sixth month one. Good luck everyone! We can do this!

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Mr J

Good luck! While I know these six month ones are longer, I actually find them easier to do, spreading 10% weight loss amongst 5 months is only like doing half a Kickstarter each month!


Good luck to you too, Lady! I have been doing dietbet for a while and I completely tanked the last transformer I did, so I am super motivated to be successful this time around :D


08/24/2020 6:11AM in Be Well Transformer - Win A Staycation Package!
Today is the day! My hubby (also in the game) and I do a reset on diet and lifestyle! I’m so excited for this journey and to crush this bet!

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Mr J

Good luck to you and your husband! My wife is trying to lose weight with me, but hasn't joined in on the bet as she's afraid she might not make weigh-ins due to her job.


Good luck!