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Favorite Health Food: nuts!

Favorite Sinful Food: chocolate chip cookies

My Preferred Method of Exercise: interval running and strength training

My Approach to Weight Loss: Alternate day fasting. Fresh food only.

Fitness/Exercise Apps: cronometer

Fitness Devices: FitBit

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Struggling for workout motivation?? This may help.
by - 06/02/2015 4:46PM

I have a dear friend who became paralyzed from the waist down in a high school pole vaulting acciden... Read More ›

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Jogger Girl

My stamina still is not where I'd like it. I am doing a serious detox beverage to see if that helps eek out any junk in my body slowing me down.

Kristin B.

I just saw this - very awesome. Please write more blogs :)
That left a mark.
by - 01/30/2015 5:56PM

I am STILL battling this unrelenting trigger point issue in my arm. 8 weeks now. I have had luck wit... Read More ›

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GeminiWitch83 Amanda

I am so sorry to hear of your issues. I am happy for you though that you have received some help with your acupuncture treatment though. I hope you continue to heal quickly. Have you ever tried a massage therapist? During my rehabilitation therapy after my car accident, both my PT provider often provided some trigger point release deep muscle massage when I had really bad days. I was later in a couple minor car accidents about 5 years later that completely re-ignited all of the trigger point issues in my back. I then saw a massage therapist at my chiropractor's office for a few months who used the same deep tissue and trigger point release massage techniques. She would also use things like ultrasound or electrical stimulation on some of my pesky places from time to time. Maintenance chiropractor adjustments have been a part of my life every so often since my near-fatal car accident too.

Victoria M.

We all marvel at your careful pics... Lots of time to journal about your successes and strength. Good for you:)
Habits, the good and the bad. Ok and ugly.
by - 01/14/2015 1:40PM

I am not at all embarassed to say this as owning our shiz is an important part of personal growth. I... Read More ›

Israeli turkey zucchini meatballs- a winner
by - 01/11/2015 4:52PM

What great flavor to switch up all the ground turkey I eat! I served it with a small portion of quin... Read More ›

This is one A$$ kicker
by - 12/31/2014 1:25PM

it's lower body day for me. I am new to this move  and have been looking for one that won't engage a... Read More ›

This has become a weight loss weapon!
by - 12/31/2014 11:03AM

I need a better name for this as I've been calling it my diet day soup but it's so good I eat it all... Read More ›

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Sounds yummy!
This should get you to eat your vegetables!
by - 12/29/2014 10:54AM

I do eyeball this measurement-wise til it tastes good!  It's a semi famous basil garlic ranch style ... Read More ›

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Jonathan P.

That looks awesome. It reminds me of this Ranch Dressing recipe I want to try.
How tempting are the holidays, really?
by - 12/23/2014 6:52AM

Even though this has been true for months now, this time of year I have been tempted out of "I have ... Read More ›

What a difference 30 days makes!
by - 11/11/2014 7:47PM

I do life coaching but I also lead by example. One of which is something I am a big fan of: 30 day p... Read More ›

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Sandi J.

I agree! 30 days is doable!!! I'm all in. I love your blog Jogger Girl! :)
Watching my micros!
by - 11/05/2014 2:15PM

I've been an avid tracker of eating for nutrition for years.  The protein/fat/carb ratio seems a bit... Read More ›


Good point!!!!! You can eat a lot of food when you eat for nutrition and run in optimal condition. I think I need to geek out with Cronometer too. I'm glad I came across this. There is truth in calories are not equal. There is so much more to it. Definitely will be checking this out....Nice job!

Jogger Girl

Good for you Camber! Let me know how it impacts you. Hopefully you will be thanking me when resisting treats is a breeze!