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How many flights of stairs does it take for sweat 2 run between your boobs?
by - 01/11/2016 9:55PM

9 the answer is 9! So I did it! I got off the train a couple of stops early and walked about 3.5km t... Read More ›

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ROFL LMAO!!! AMIE YOU WERE KILLING ME!!! LOL!!! LOVE IT!!! YOU REMINDED ME OF MYSELF TRYING TO WALK UP 10 FLIGHTS OF STAIRS LAST YEAR!!! GIRL, YOU WERE ME!!! LOL!!! Congratulations mamacita!!! Despite it all, you didn't quit, & you made it to the 13th floor!!! WOOHOO!!! I'm sooo proud of you!!! You pushed yourself beyond you limits!!! PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK!!! YOU DID THE DARN THANG!!! Now, I don't know if I would have done it first thing in the AM because I would have DEFINITELY had to take a shower, but girl you made it happen. All you did is prove to yourself that you can do it, and you should do it again on a regular basis!!! The more you do it, the easier it will become. That's also an excellent way to lose weight & tighten and tone your legs & butt too!!! GET IT GIRL!!! YOU GOT THIS!!! Keep up the good work!!! :-)


LOL What a hilarious title!!! :D Congrats on conquering the stairs!
Metafit today, I'm now crawling while picking chia seeds from my teeth
by - 01/08/2016 5:00PM

Today was metafit day. #soharsh First metafit class since before xmas and it is always like starting... Read More ›


Very funny. Is it working? I wear a Fitbit and walk A LOT!
I Hate Stairs
by - 01/06/2016 3:20PM

  Yep that’s me today.   Last night was bootcamp and our trainer had gone back to kindergarten and w... Read More ›

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Chrystal M.

You think...Ha, ha, ha...I love your post, what a great writer you are...And great job on doing it at all...Can't wait to hear about day two.

Lynne R.

Great post! Had me laughing out loud! Love the pics you posted with it too!! I too have dreaded sitting on the toilet after leg day! Thanks for the laugh! Keep it up!!
Yeah yeah New Year, New You bullshit. Waiting for the motivation to kick in
by - 01/04/2016 2:57PM

Yep that photo is the way I feel right now.   It’s the 5th Jan and 4 days into this new lifestyle. I... Read More ›

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Chrystal M.

For me it is the small steps...As it was huge amounts of food that went in that makes me sometimes think it has to be all gone tomorrow...But for me it doesn't, just little steps and before you know it. BAM You have arrived at your destination.


Here's an idea for the stairs at work: START and then give yourself absolute permission to stop any time. So tomorrow do one flight. If you hate it and are tired, exit the stairwell and take the elevator. You'll have done one more flight than if you don't try! And if you feel good, do two flights. Bonus! I usually find that if I just start something, it's not as bad as I imagine. Plus, 13 flights makes for a great long term goal. How about add a flight a month? :) Good luck!
Roooxxxaaannnnnne … push-up or tuck in? I’m confused, maybe I’ll just rest.
by - 01/18/2015 4:58PM

I recovered from last Wednesday’s session and went back again on Saturday for some more torture .. I... Read More ›

Carol W.

Way to stick with it!
How I ended up with knees and elbows like a toddler.
by - 01/14/2015 2:57PM

How I ended up with knees and elbows like a toddler. Scratched and grazed that is, not soft and smoo... Read More ›

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Carol W.

Good for you, but that sounds a bit brutal. Will you be keeping on or trying something else? Good luck with whatever you do.

Kathleen B.

You are so funny. Well written story.