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Martina M.

02/01/2020 5:26AM
Hi everyone, I just joined this group and am currently playing my second DietBet game and second Beta Workout Game. I have a FitBit Blaze, hoping to upgrade here soon but until then, I love my Blaze. Is there anyone who depends on their fitbit as much as I do?

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Damian B.

08/07/2018 5:58AM
So, it sounds like DB is phasing out or redesigning Groups, so I wonder if this group will go away or if they will even allow a post. I have a Charge HR that is pretty much always with me, mostly for recording steps, although I do use the HR function now and then and the stopwatch. Are there any other features you all find very useful each day?

sharon c.

02/22/2018 4:00AM
Hi everyone. I just got a Fitbit on Sunday & I'm loving it!

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which one did you get? we have been with fitbit for years... many generations... and I have a weird chemical makeup I guess, because I usually go through them (but hubs doesnt) and take advantage of the free replacement or discounted upgrade almost every YEAR! My Ionic, hubs and I were just talking the other night, has actually lasted me 2 years??? we think - we have to look it up. SO WHICH ONE DID YOU GET????

Todd F.

01/17/2018 9:25PM
Got a new Fitbit... Signed up at DietBet... Lets do this. Here is to making 2018 the year we all get healthier bodies.

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Carolyn B.

11/27/2017 7:28AM
I'd love to join your Fitbit Challenge!

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Hubs and I STEPBET games for years! We are back in the Marathon games right now!


11/06/2017 12:21PM
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10/25/2017 6:14AM
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10/23/2017 10:57AM
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Mary R.

10/19/2017 5:47AM
In it to win!


10/12/2017 8:32AM
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