Cutting Out Soda

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08/23/2017 3:19PM
I love bubbles, I'm trying to stick to sparkling water and skip all the extra sugar/corn syrup/ calories.

wayne p.

06/21/2017 6:45PM
Ok, I have an idea. Lets start a challenge. This will be different. It will be a water drinking challenge.
Determine how much water each day you need to drink. It HAS to be water to count. You can drink all the soda, coke-a-cola big gulps, all the coffee, even all the hard mikes you want, but they don't count.
Water can be flavored with lemon, or mint or any fruit or veggie like cucumber.
My thought is if I'm full with water I won't be drinking big gulps.
My personal challenge is to start June 30 and continue for 4 days. That is my "back to nature" camping trip where I hope to break old habits and start new.
I will check in and report each day, if I have internet.
Does anybody want to join in?

wayne p.

06/21/2017 5:16PM
Anyone out there? I know I can't be the only one with soda problems....

wayne p.

06/03/2017 2:20PM
Hey there fellow soda addicts... looks like this group has lost its fizz and gone flat... any chance it will get going?
32oz big gulp coke is the mill stone around my neck, its my comfort food, to me its an entire food group. Family tells me the will put a big gulp in my coffin with me.
Hope this group can help.. 😁


08/03/2016 10:35AM
Hey everyone! I'm Rachelle! Growing up I bounced between 145 and 180. Before I had my daughter I was down to 142 and when I was pregnant I hit 222. I got back down to 185 but then the depression of divorce hit me hard and I hit an all time high of 255. I'm currently 246 and want to get back down to about 150. My biggest evil temptation is soda and monster energy drinks and a friend recommended Dietbet! So I started my own bet to support people cutting back or giving up soda and energy drinks and since I'm a single mom and low of funds I decided to do a $10 bet. It starts August 6th but I have some other fun ones in mind also! If anyone is interested in joining me, please send me a message or friend request and I'll send you the link! I'll do my best to post every day in my games to help keep everyone checked in and motivated!


04/11/2016 4:45AM
I gave up soda for Lent (Feb 10-Mar 26) because it was a BIG problem for me. I drank it everyday for many years. I'm particularly biased towards diet soda. It was hard at first, especially since the people living with me drink it and have it in our fridge almost everyday. But as a month approached without it... It was easy. No soda in my life became a lifestyle choice that I forgot that Lent was over and I could allow myself to drink it again until recently I was asked, "Are you really not going to drink diet coke anymore?" I then realized it's been 2 months without it and I am okay continuing without it. But, I'm worried because I've given it up before (years ago) for 6 months and when I went back on the bandwagon I spiraled down that lane of unhealthy amounts of soda drinking again. I hope this time I stick to it as I lose weight and continue to make healthier lifestyle choices.


02/20/2016 2:54PM
I have a diet Pepsi addiction. It NEEDS TO GO.

Bradley Hubbard

12/15/2015 10:06AM
What are your tips in the Soda Battle?

Keep bottles of water in the frig and soda in the closet or basement so you have to work for it!

Buy a reusable water filtered bottle! It helps when you are on the go but I put mine in the frig the night before.

Drink your body weight and divide by two in ounces. Easy way to remember is to buy a 3 or 4 liter water jug and keep it in the frig and drink on that through out the day.

Feel free to comment and help other out with your method of drinking more water! Keep on fighting the good fight!

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Cari Joy

11/21/2015 4:52PM
I was SO excited about this when I joined this group this week. I was ready to give up soda- determined and willing. Friday at our usual work lunch outing, the waitress remembered that I always order a small coke and delivered it to me without asking me what I wanted. My heart sunk into my stomach. Sheer willpower wasn't strong enough- I felt too bad to send it back and I drank it out of guilt. No refills and I finished my water. But starting over today. I had made it a whole two days. Back on day one! Phew. Didn't realize this would be such a struggle- but I am so glad I am not alone in this struggle.

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It's been up and down now for me. I started out really strong. But what helps me to keep from drinking sodas is DietBet. Because I want to make the weight I don't drink them. What also helps is know the amount of sugar in them. Don't feel like you are alone we are all struggling.

Bradley Hubbard

Keep it up! It takes about a month to break a habit but longer if you have become accustom to it!

Bradley Hubbard

10/14/2015 10:22AM
How is everyone's Journey going!
I have found drinking water enhancers helps a lot.
Do you drink flavor water?

Claudia C.

I mix my water with some sort of flavor powder. It's 5 cal for a gallon . It's a lot better than soda. Or I just drink water with fresh juiced lemons.


Plain water works for me. I love it.