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Elaina B.

02/03/2018 3:30PM
Clean eating helped me lose 70+ lbs before and it can do it again. It just sucks when you get stressed you go for highly processed foods... and then keep eating those cause you're stressed about gaining weight. Anyway, glad to be apart of this group.

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Faith Girl

12/18/2017 7:55PM
Hello, this is my first game. I have been trying to eat healthy a long time now. I have been using Rick Warren's "Daniel Plan". This is not the same as the Daniel Diet. This plan has a focus on 5 different elements: Food, Faith, Friends, Fitness and Focus (brain health). Right now I am in the middle of a 24 week Daniel Plan study group. We meet once week. It is really growing in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Our coordinator was recently interviewed by the 700 Club and it will be aired early in January. I love challenges and believe this game is the extra boost that I need. We need each other for support and encouragement.


10/23/2017 11:04AM
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04/13/2017 1:37AM
hello im working on eating better then ive been nice to meet you all

lisa r.

01/02/2017 12:19PM
Hi everyone. This is my first time doing dietbet. And I try to eat clean as much as possible.

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Karen P.

03/05/2016 9:16AM
I used to make pizza every Friday night with double meat toppings. Last night I made a faux lasagna with eggplant as the noodles, no meat and layers of spinach and light ricotta cheese. I made a nice Caesar salad on the side - no croutons! The flavors remind me of pizza night, but it's so much healthier!

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Karen P.

03/03/2016 4:16PM
Have to comment about a business lunch with a buffet I attended today. How far things have improved! We had a beautiful spinach salad, Atlantic salmon roasted and asparagus on the buffet as choices! And a lot of people were choosing the healthy options, including myself.

Karen P.

02/08/2016 4:01PM
Had a wonderful double-size veggie tray with hummus for the game. Today's dinner was broiled salmon and spicy spinach mix. Weigh in tomorrow!

Karen P.

01/17/2016 2:05PM
I've been trying new salads, today was a fennel and grapefruit salad to go with broiled salmon. It was really good and crunchy!

Karen P.

01/10/2016 6:53PM
I'm new to DietBet and this group. I've been eating clean 80% of the time for a while, but of course there are still the challenges of portion control and exercise. My efforts are about losing weight by improving my lifestyle and eating clean is a big part of that.

Thanks Beth for founding this group!

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