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12/08/2016 2:27PM
  • How much do Dietbet Transformer games pay out? Attached are two sets of Transformer stats from fall 2015-spring 2016.
    (I paid up front for both so my overall bet was only $125 for each. If you were to pay monthly, the total bet would be $150.)

    See my other recent post for Kickstarter stats.

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Biking Syl

But wait, the FAQ page for Transformers is a little hidden. You can read the fine print, including safety and disqualification rules here:

Disqualification thresholds:
Round 1 - 12%
Round 2 - 18%
Round 3 - 24%
Round 4 - 27%
Round 5 - 30%
Round 6 - 30%
So basically they are trying to protect people from overzealous weight loss, which could affect someone's health.

Malin A.

Wow, I didn't know they did that. That's great!