"So do you just eat salad?"

Biking Syl

11/25/2014 2:49PM
After 25 years of mostly vegetarian eating, I came to the conclusion that I can eat just as much vegetarian crap food as crappy meat dishes. It is all about the quality of the groceries and the cook's creativity.
Sounds like you are well on your way to discover and come up with tasty, nutritious vegetarian options!

Over time, I also got tired of the 'explaining' part of it. My suggestion: Make up a health-related reason why you try to stay away from meat/eat more fresh veggies and fruit. It shuts them up faster ;-) (example: too much protein helps to blow out your kidneys, but lots of veggies will lower your body's acidity and fight inflammation, provide tons of vitamins, among other things)

I love to discuss nutrition with someone, who is interested in the subject. But I no longer try to convince people to turn vegetarian. I also don't want to be convinced to go back to meat. And it would be great, if people could just respect that ;-)

Have fun with your challenge! :-)

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