I've been thinking about the last four months and how things have changed. I'm excited about the scale, of course, since numbers help. However, I'm more excited about the NSVs--non scale victories. There have been so many. I'm going to post a few of them i(in no particular order) in the hopes that I will look at them on the rough days as well as encourage you to think of your own. 

1.  Back in size 10 clothes--and moving downward!

2. No longer hurts my calves when I ride. 

3. I feel better throughout the day. 

4. I ENJOY working out. 

5. I enjoy COOKING and finding new recipes. 

6. My boobs are definitively larger than my tummy. ( my favorite today)

7. I've met some great folks here on db who are so encouraging. 

8. My weight loss looks healthy, not sickly

9. I feel younger. 

10. I found the cancer before it could get me--and I'm kicking it's butt!

11. I make better choices when I'm hungry. 

12. When I do go out for a special occasion I can eat well. 

13. I enjoy my reward days guilt free

14. If I have a bad day I don't let it get to my head and throw all my good work out the window

15. I'm happy. 

16. I'm learning the cycles of my body and what to expect from day to day

17. I'm still riding!!

18. I'm drinking water daily  

19. I no longer see my weight as a deterrent to what I want to do, and

20. I'm learning a new lifestyle, not a new diet. 


So what's your favorite NSV?