A funny thing happened when I stopped drinking wine for a week...

Christy G.

01/09/2016 7:31AM
I love this blog! And the good news, is that the changes you have made already are making your old habits become a thing of the past! Awesome job! I went to a birthday party last night and almost felt OBLIGATED to have some cocktails; as if I was a buzzkill to the others around me if I didn't. I did end up having some wine but, like you, it did NOTHING for me. All I kept thinking about was the calories and sugar I was consuming by drinking it. I'm going to remember that and learn to be happy drinking my flavored water instead; regardless of what anyone thinks!Keep up the awesome job Victoria! The results are going to continue if you keep putting one foot in front of the other and not looking back. Ultimately, I need to lose 65-70 lbs myself. One day @ a time...WE GOT THIS! Keep rocking it out! Xo

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It is funny Christy how we feel like we are letting people down if we don't indulge in whatever they're offering. Cake, wine, etc.... If you like me, you're going to like me whether I eat 1000 calorie piece of chocolate cake and have less nutritional calories for the day or not. Sometimes I feel like I'm being impolite because someone went to so much expense or effort. It is hard to put your health first. I'm going to try.


I definitely agree with you Chrystal!!! It's almost like we feel we have to do what others are doing to fit in, but let you say something to you: (using the voice from the penguin in the movie HAPPY FEET - LOL!!! - LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!), I've made my mind up that I'm not gonna allow anybody to make me feel pressured to eat or drink if I don't want to. If I do it, it's gonna be because I choOse to, not because I felt pressured to. Ladies, we can do anything we set our minds to do, & WE'RE GONNA DO IT!!! Like I've said before, we're striving for progression, not perfection. Keep up the good work ladies!!! We're still learning, but we can do it!!! :-)

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