A funny thing happened when I stopped drinking wine for a week...


01/09/2016 11:11AM
WOW!!! Victoria, I really enjoyed reading your blog!!! LOVE IT!!! It's amazing how after we detox our bodies, the food/drinks we thought we enjoyed aren't really that enjoyable after all!!! I'm glad drinking wine comforted you during your trying times. It helped you get through your darkest moments. What I'm really happy about is you've realized that you don't need wine anymore as a crutch!!! YAY!!! You're changing your mindset & becoming more in tuned to what your body needs. That's a plus girl, and I'm sooo proud of you!!! Good for you for becoming more aware of what's happening with your body. Keep up the good work!!! :-)

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Thanks, Adrienne. I sooo appreciate the support. Have a wonderful Saturday!


You're very welcome Victoria!!! And thank you!!! Have a wonderful Saturday too!!! :-)

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