Climb out of the void

Adina B.

01/03/2017 12:12PM
Welcome back! It's hard to forget all the support you gave me last year when I started the journey. I too kinda got a bit lost within my very busy and intense college program and schedule. I love how you put your current status as somewhere in the middle of where you were before you started and where you were when you were involved in the ins and outs of your fitness life style. I hear you and feel the same way. I just got back into things a little over a month ago, now that i have graduated and am working and have a semi normal schedule. I get upset that I can no longer do some of the workouts I used to do just a little under a year ago, but instead of getting discouraged I know I have to just keep taking small steps back to where I was and hopefully surpass that point this time! You were a huge help to me and the weight that I have lost and kept off is partly credit to you! :) good to see you back! Good luck!

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Oh my goodness such truth there: "keep taking small steps" so simple and they just keep adding up to giant progress. Thanks for the smile :)

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