Okay not really but it does help on a cold day.

People would think chili is bad for you.  But think about what goes into it.

Meat.  I use ground turkey.

Pepers.  I like to get a rainbow of pepers in there.  Take awhile to cut them up.

Onions.  Good for cleaning you body and they taste good to.

Tomatoes.  And a lot of them.  That is your base right there.  And vitamin "C".

Kidney beans.  Make sure you get the dark ones.  More color the better.  You can get the dry one and soak them over night then cook for a few hours.

Potatoes.  Okay you might not want that in there, but it is a family tradition for us.  Don't need alot just enough to know it there.

Spices.  Most you can have as much as you want.  Salt becareful.  Your body needs it but don't go crazy.

Heat and serve.  

Best thing ever on a cold day.