And this is the way I feel.


05/28/2018 5:13PM
Hey, Reggie! I don't think I can say anything to make things better. This all sounds pretty sucky. If it makes you feel any better, I am the heaviest I have been in a long, long while. I don't even recognize myself in the mirror. But still, we persist. We are nothing if not persistent. Every morning I tell myself I will do better today. Most days I flop. But I'm always amazed at how resilient I am at the end of the day when I say to myself, "tomorrow I'll be better." Not sure if I'm valiant or just proving the definition of insanity. But I'm right here with you. And I still believe.We *can* do this. We are worth it. And every time we make a healthy choice, we are practicing that skill and we will get better and better at it each time we do it!Hang in there, Reggie! I am sending all sorts of positive energy and good juju your way!

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