Last night I went to a small get-together with a few of my good friends and I had planned on drinking 2-3 drinks and only eating the main dish for dinner. I planned on skipping the chips, appetizers, and desserts. I was going to be mindful about everything I put in my mouth. I knew it was going to be challenging, but I was going to do it.


    I should have known that any get-together with my group of friends includes many drinks and shot rounds along with lots of delicious party foods. Immediately upon arriving, my best friend Kelly made me a mixed drink. We were having a good time chatting and catching up. They had a bonfire in the back yard and I was enjoying everyone's company. Then someone else started making drinks and handed them out. Then came the 2-3 rounds of shots. I did manage to say no to 2 out of those 3 shots. By this point though I was hungry. They had some small Subway sandwiches and I chose those, as that was a pretty healthy choice. After the sandwiches, I tried a little bit of everything from the meatballs to the pulled pork and then of course the chips and all 4 of the different types of dip. Jeez. At this point I knew it was going to be a bad night diet-wise, but at the same time we were all having fun.


   All in all, I think I drank maybe 4 mixed drinks and 3 shots. I said no to a majority of the shots, but I still had much more to drink than I bargained for. I was supposed to be the designated driver for my boyfriend and I, but we all ended up staying the night due to the amount of alcohol we consumed. Luckily they had enough room for us all. 


    Moral of the story: don't go to a party when trying to lose weight. With my friends, it is just impossible to get together and not drink anything. I'm not sure how other people handle a situation like this. I really tried not to drink, but when we get-together it is just expected that everyone comsumes a large amount of alchol. I am not an alcholic by any means...I rarely drink when I am on my own. The only time I really drink is when we get together.


     Losing weight is hard. People don't understand. When you say you can't eat certain things right now or you can't have too many drinks because you are watching your calories they just look at you and say well just this once or live a little. I hope this one night didn't ruin my 3 weeks of progress. I will be moving all day today to hopefully make up for it.