I'm Patty, 32, from NJ. I was 233 lbs at my heaviest in 2005, after having my daughter. I decided to try to get healthy because I was uncomfortable in my own skin. I made it to my lowest adult weight in 2012 at 134 lbs but I was too skinny for my height ot 5 foot 8. I found myself back to 184 lbs in August of 2014 due to stress at work, medication side effects and the diagnosis of fibromylagia with long ago diagnosed IBS. With the help of dietbet, exercise and a healthy diet, I made it down to 165 lbs in Novemeber of 2014. My goal is 145...for now. I've had set backs such as illness and chronic pain but I am determined to meet my goal even though I have to work harder than a normal person. I've also accepted that it will take me longer than average but it's OK....it's my journey and no one else's. I will own my mistakes and those things I cannot change because I am worth being healthy. It's a learning experience and wouldn't be worth it if hard work wasn't involved.