NSV (or non-scale victories) are just as important as the numbers on the scale.  I think I maybe writing this down more for me to remember than anything else.  Sometimes I get so hung up on the numbers, I forget all about the little things that have changed:

- I just bought clothes at a department store and didn't have to shop in 'Women' or 'Plus Size'

- I can bend over and tie my shoes without exhaustion/having to cheat by propping up my foot

- I can do 65 minutes of Zumba without stopping.  Yes, I'm a sweaty mess at the end but I make it to the end!

- I have had to get ring adjusters for my engagement and wedding bands because they kept slipping off my finger

- I'm not getting the same looks out in public with my husband that I used to! (He's a whopping 110 pounds, so a 375 pound woman + 110 pound man = LOTS of looks!)


I can just do so many more things now that I've lost over 120 pounds. Those are the things to keep in mind.  Not that I've gained/lost the same 2 pounds for the past week.  It's a process.  Repeat:  It's a process. The scale will go up, it will go down.  Just remember not to let your whole mood/live revolve around it.  It's a process.