I've been struggling with everything from diet and exercise to just having energy to get through the  day all winter long. I haven't consistently exercised since October/November. I use the same excuses- it's too cold or I'm too tired. It seems like I have the same problem every winter. I don't have any energy and I am just miserable. I have often wondered if I have SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), aka Winter Blues. There hasn't been much sun lately. I hate the cold so I stay indoors as much as possible. I am sure I have some sort of Vitamin D deficiency. Good news is that the temps should start warming up soon. The weather should be nice this weekend, with a high of 70. I will spend some time outdoors, soaking up sunlight. Hopefully that will give me more energy.


      I haven't gained any weight because of this set-back I call winter, but I haven't lost any either. Luckily, I did so well in October that I still have a chance to make a comeback, but I will need to kick it into gear NOW! I don't know why we make things so much harder than they have to be. I wish I could view exercise as fun, but honestly I think of it as a chore. When I am exercising I think, "this isn't as bad as I made it out to be," but when it comes time to actually exercise it is like pulling teeth. I have a little less than 10 pounds to lose to win the Transformer in April. My goal for this month is to at least get to the 6% by the end of Round 5. I am close. I am struggling to find my balance, but I know that even if I do not reach my goal, any step forward is a success, no matter how slow I am going. I lost 8 pounds so far with DietBet. My grand total since starting a healthier lifestyle....down 18 pounds since 2013.