Harder Near the Finish

Kimberly G.

02/25/2015 4:10PM
Hey Sara! First of all, wow! 50 pounds?! That's insane! And you did that all through hard work and perseverance! I can definitely understand where you are coming from on the food depression thing. I can also see it becoming more of a problem in the future because like you I rely on food for comfort. It is becoming easier though because I am coming to love cooking for myself. It's almost kind of a game to me. There's this thing I really love, pizza. I LOVE PIZZA. But it's carb-y, and fatty and not conducive to my goals right now. So I find substitutions! And I make it again, and again and again until I have the perfect recipe! Don't focus on those things foods that you can't have but focus on the ridiculous amount of good, wholesome foods that you can have! Cauliflower crust pizza anyone?! You got this Sara. I'm cheering for you.

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