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Trying Not to Let THE Chronic Illnesses Win


02/06/2016 7:38AM
Oh Trishana, I am so sorry you are dealing with this but so glad you wrote this post. It is a step! I can empathize because I was close to crippled with pain from pervasive arthritis but mostly it was my feel affecting my quality of life. I did see a functional medicine doctor who helped me immensely in managing my pain without drugs. Food can be medicine (or poison!) for many conditions including inflammation, autoimmune disorders and a host of other things. If you haven't already I would highly encourage you to seek out a functional medicine doctor who will approach your issues from a different perspective. I was not a believer when I first went (I called him my "voodoo doctor" LOL) but I felt desperate and determined. I know how hard it is not to get down on yourself and feel guilty in ways you "think" you might be letting your family down. But the pain is real, the physical condition, whatever the cause/solution, is real and it is really great that you are determined to figure it out and take control of your health. I wish you the very best in figuring in this out....

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