Trying Not to Let THE Chronic Illnesses Win

GeminiWitch83 Amanda

02/07/2016 11:46PM
Chronic pain is no joke; especially from auto-immune inflammatory type illnesses. I know exactly how you feel and where you are at right now. I was there a few years ago before I finally got in to see the right Doctor who started me on the right medication for me. It really has made a world of difference. Don't let it get you down. Keep trying. Keep seeing different specialists until you fight the right one with the right plan to best help you. You can start to pick up the pieces and get on with life after that. It is super hard, but never give up on yourself. You are not a failure. Your body is simply attacking itself. People who have not expeirenced that have idea what you are going through and have no way of knowing. Try and stay hopeful. Keep looking for the answers. Keep reminding yourself of reasons to get up every day and try and look for one positive thing you can be thankful for each day (even when it seems impossible). You can beat this! You will get through this!!!

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