We are retired. We cruise a couple times a year, sometimes three. I always tend to put on a few pounds during the trip. So, this time, I joined a game that starts right before the trip. The hope is that being in an active game, I will be more aware of what I am ingesting.  Here is the plan:

1.  Avoid processed foods.

2.  Eat fish that is baked or broiled.

3.  Eat lots of green vegetables without loads of dressing.

4.  Eat fresh fruit, mainly berries.

5.  Avoid bread, crackers, pasta and items made with flour.

6.  I love yogurt so will include plain yogurt.

7.  Cottage Cheese. 

8.  Taste the desserts, but do not eat them daily!!

9.  Go easy on the alcohol, it lowers your self control.

10.  Drink lots of water!!

11.  Keep walking 5 miles daily. 

12.  Enjoy myself!!  

If you can think of anything else that will help me attain my goal, please let me know.  My cruise is Feb. 18 to March 4, 2017.  I will return to this blog after my cruise and let you know how I did.