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Lose 4% in 4 weeks!


Oct 10 - Nov 06/Game has ended
Hosted by Jenn and Kandice
This is a high stakes game that requires all players to submit video weigh-ins.







Oct 10








Game Begins

Oct 10

Last Day to Join

Oct 23

Final Weigh-In

Nov 07 - Nov 08


Bet $100

to start

Lose 4%

in 4 weeks


Split the pot

How do you verify the weight loss?

For all official weigh-ins, you'll be prompted to submit your official starting weight. Our standard weigh-in process involves you submitting 2 photos: one of you standing on a scale in lightweight clothing (no shoes, hats, belts, watches, coats, or outerwear), and another of the scale’s readout with your weigh-in word written on a piece of paper.

What you'll need

  • A scale (preferably digital)
  • A digital camera or smartphone
  • A full-length mirror or someone to take your photo
  1. Privacy FAQ +
  2. How we prevent cheating +

Does this actually work?

Out of 691,148 DietBetters, 93.72% have lost weight during their challenges. Combined, they've lost 10,526,319 lbs and won $58,204,613. In other words...yes.

All results shown on DietBet are from actual users. Individual results may vary.

Don't take our word for it


11/09/2017 9:58PM - via iPhone
Not a very high payout for a high stakes game, just had a similar payout on a $35 game.

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Jenn and Kandice

Yes, high bet games tend to have a lot of winners. The possibility of losing $100 motivates!

Jenn and Kandice

11/09/2017 7:31AM
  • Here are the drawing results for the $100 Amazon gift card:

    I took all the players that met their goal weight and assigned them a number in the post below. Then I ran a random number generator on Google to select this weeks drawing winner. (See attached picture) That means a big congratulations is in order for:

    Bethany B.

    Bethany, please look for the message I send you here on the game's messaging system. I will need you to message back your email address then I'll be able to send your $100 Amazon gift card via email today!

    Great work everyone! Keep going strong!

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Claudia B.

Congrats !!

Bethany B.

Wow!! That’s amazing!! Thank you :) I can’t access the message for some reason, even though I got the notification. Of course I don’t want to post it here for everyone... what can we do?

Jenn and Kandice

11/09/2017 7:25AM

Here is our list of finalists for the Grand Prize drawing! Stay tuned for the drawing results for the $100 Amazon gift card.

1. Dave W
2. David S.
3. Dombrowbryan
4. Donny K.
5. Dylan H.
6. Elaine W.
7. Eldi v.
8. Emily
9. Fab
10. Hayley T.
11. Heather
12. Heather S
13. Jacob H.
14. Jamie G.
15. Jen L.
16. Jen G.
17. Jen84
18. jimi b.
19. Joe E.
20. Joel H.
21. John P.
22. Julie K.
23. Julie B.
24. Juliya
25. Jumpinjuniper
26. Kala
27. Karah C.
28. Katie Kay
29. Kim N.
30. Latasha H.
31. Linda R.
32. lisa h.
33. Mandi
34. Marcio B.
35. Mary W.
36. Matt N.
37. Matthew G.
38. Micah B.
39. Michael R.
40. Michelle M.
41. Michelle W
42. My N.
43. Nawal B.
44. Nic W.
45. Patti W.
46. Rachel M.
47. Rachel P.
48. Richie K.
49. Rick
50. Silverhippo
51. Sonia L.
52. Stutz17
53. Tanya
54. Thomas K.
55. Tre W.
56. trvtrekker
57. Vanessa
58. Adrian A.
59. AK87
60. Alison M.
61. Amy E.
62. Andy M.
63. Bethany B.
64. Chandra S.
65. Charron S.
66. Chelsea B.
67. Chillichomper
68. Claire L.
69. Claudia B.
70. Dana G.
71. Daniel C.

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Jenn and Kandice

11/09/2017 7:10AM

Congratulations! We had 71 winners. Together we lost a total of 811.2 pounds!

Here are our early sign up bonus winners! If your name is on the list please look for the message I will be sending you with instructions on how to claim your Amazon gift card!

Michelle M.
Michelle W.
Whitney S.
Katie Kay
Clint K.
James P.
Julie K.
Alison M.
Narendra C.
Jen L.
jimi b.
Sarah K.

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Karah C.

11/09/2017 7:08AM - via iPhone
This has been so hard for me and i had to do it with diet alone...lost over my goal. I broke my ankle and tore a tendon 1 week into challenge

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Jenn and Kandice

I'm so sorry to hear that about your ankle. But, you should feel so great about your success!


11/09/2017 12:05AM
Your game has now been finalized. Congratulations to the winners! You earned a 16.1% return on your money simply by investing in your own health. Don’t you wish all of your investments paid out at that rate of return?

The $116.06 in winnings will be deposited as points into your account. They can be used for a new game, or you can request a PayPal payout and treat yourself–you earned it! Payouts process within 24 hours. As promised, here are the top player titles. Drum roll, please…
- Overall MVP: Jen L.
- Most Liked Player: Tanya
- Most Generous Liker: Jen84
- Most Liked Comment: "lost 2 lbs this past week, hopefully doing better this week with the added activity. On work days the pan is breaking up into segments and brisk walking. On days off I work in the yard, digging, planting trees and landscaping.Its like crossfit in my yard." by Linda R.

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Jenn and Kandice

11/08/2017 10:56PM
  • I am planning on having the grand prize drawing completed by 12:00 PM (MST) on Thursday, as long as the results are in by then. If the game results are not in by 12:00 PM, then I'll have the drawing posted about an hour after they do come in.

    Final grand prize drawing reminder:
    The final drawing will have all the game winners in it, and 1 name will be chosen randomly to win a bonus $100 Amazon gift card. Be sure to check back Thursday to see if you won the grand prize drawing!

    **Also on Thursday morning I will be sending out messages to the first 20 people that joined the game, to tell you how claim your Amazon gift card early sign up bonus!

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Claudia B.

If I️ have won a gift card already, can I️ win again?

Jenn and Kandice



11/08/2017 9:53PM - via android
I made it by .3 pounds!! Point 3!
This is the first time that I've seen these numbers in almost 4 years though!! I'm on my way to 'one'derland!!

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Claudia B.




Dana G.

11/07/2017 8:52PM - via iPhone
I forgot that we need to do a video weigh in. I’m not around anyone I could ask to do a video until late afternoon! I’m not sure if I can make it! I either can’t eat/drink a lot or won’t make it! My weight always goes way up after I start eating and drinking. Any thoughts?

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That's what I needed to do, too! Waiting for the review now.


That was fast. All approved!!


11/07/2017 2:31PM
I think this'll be the last of the high stakes games for me, the video uploads are too frustrating.

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Jenn and Kandice

Juliya, the $100 bets are discontinuing the video weigh in. From now on it will be the photo weigh in!

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