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Keep It Off in 2018

Keep it off for 12 months!

Keep It Off in 2018

Feb 05, 2018 - Feb 04, 2019/Game Closed
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Feb 05



You've shed the extra holiday pounds and you're ready to maintain your hard work. Let's do it together with 12 months of motivation, prizes, and support!



Game Begins

Feb 05, 2018

Last Day to Join

Feb 18, 2018

Last Day to Submit Initial Weigh-In

Feb 18, 2018


5th and 6th of every month


End of each round


Bet $25

per month


your weight


Split pot
every month

Round Goals

The object of the game is to maintain your initial weight for 12 months, with a +2% allowance to allow for daily fluctuations (you can also lose up to 4%). To make that easier, we break the Maintainer into 12 rounds, each with its own pot, giving you regular accountability and incentives. That means if you stay within -4% to +2% of your weight all year, you can cash out 12 times!

Miss a goal for a round? Don’t worry—you can still win the next round and the Grand Prize at the end of Round 12. Half the bets are spread across the first 11 rounds, and the winners of Round 12 split the other half. The goal for each round is the same, though you MUST be between -4% and +5% of your initial weight by the end of Round 11 to be eligible to win the final pot. This is to prevent unsafe sprints at the end.

Rounds 1-10: between -4% and +2%

Round 11: between -4% and +2% to win; within -4% and +5% to qualify for Round 12 (MANDATORY)

Round 12: between -4% and +2% (MANDATORY)

How do we verify your weight?

For all official weigh-ins, you'll be prompted to submit your official starting weight. Our standard weigh-in process involves you submitting 2 photos: one of you standing on a scale in lightweight clothing (no shoes, hats, belts, watches, coats, or outerwear), and another of the scale’s readout with your weigh-in word written on a piece of paper.

What you'll need

  • A scale (preferably digital)
  • A digital camera or smartphone
  • A full-length mirror or someone to take your photo
  1. Privacy FAQ +
  2. How we prevent cheating +

Referee Stacey

08/19/2018 5:35PM
Round 7 - challenge 1: Food and taste buds

Each month, optional challenges are posted in the game feed. If you chose to participate in a challenge, your name is entered into a random draw for prizes. This is purely participation based and isn't related to the DietBet membership program.

Once upon a time, I read something about how taste buds change every seven years. And after spending time with my niece and nephew and their very vocal comments about not liking foods, I was reminded of this supposed 'fact' (I haven't researched it).

Anyway, do you have experience with your taste buds changing? OR do you eat a food combo that others would think is weird?

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Can't say tastebuds have changed except when I was pregnant, I could not eat ground beef or lettuce.

When I was young I ate rolled up bologna with peanut butter.

Now I like toast with peanut butter and bacon. I am not sure if that is weird but my kids agree it's super tasty.


I notice easily with sugar that the tastebuds get used to what they're given. As soon as I've cut out excess sugar for a week or something, everything sweet is way too sweet suddenly.

When I was a kid I wouldn't eat shrimp. What an idiot I was! And I was the 4yo in the store asking my mom to buy blue cheese, which I loved already then. :D

Roderick Dyke

08/19/2018 11:07PM
  • Was Ending a couple hours of Yard Work to get some Exercise, and while Dumping some foliage in the back area, I must have activated a Yellow Jacket nest! 6 Stings later, (and some quick footwork on my part), I was mostly ready for our evening dinner company! Don't Worry, I'm totally Fine ...I'm not Alergic, so the redness, puffiness and scratchiness is Okay! But, Just Saying, ... Those Little Critters are FAST! ... Gotta Love Nature!, and actually I do! ... Cheers!

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sharon c.

Ouch! I hope you had a beer after that experience!

Sherry D.

08/19/2018 5:50PM - via android
  • We spent all day yesterday with friends on this dock grilling, eating, floating, kayaking, drinking, eating more, drinking more. Lovely day! 11 adults/7 kids sun & fun! And we were the envy of everyone on the shore.

    Went for walk this AM b4 packing up to head home. Back on it tomorrow w/serious exercise.

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Dawnie Girl

Looks and sounds like an awesome time!!

Sharon R.

08/19/2018 1:08PM - via iPhone
  • They paved my road! Loved the smooth 10 mile ride.

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sharon c.

Love the sign!

Dawnie Girl

That’s awesome!!

Janessa W.

08/19/2018 9:22AM - via iPhone
I really need to get things back under control. August is always the hardest month for me. I have eaten way too many meals at restaurants and have had too many nights out at wineries/breweries. Luckily I’m still within range, but I’m at the tippy top. From today forward, I am really going to try my best to eat healthy and exercise. It just dawned on my that my husband and I are taking a trip right before weigh in. I really want to enjoy my time without thinking about trying to stay within range. Hopefully by getting a little lower now and with lots of walking on our trip, I can make up for any extra indulgences we have.

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Dawnie Girl

Sounds like we’re all in the same boat!! Too much fun! Nahhh, we’re good!! Let’s up this WWH challenge!

Referee Stacey

Taking some time to re-evaluate and get focussed is a great thing!

Rebecca G.

08/19/2018 6:42AM - via iPhone
Weighed in for accountability and accidentally added 20 extra pounds to the weigh in. The picture has the correct weight, so hopefully judges catch it. Still over my limit and lesson this week? More water, less chocolate.

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Referee Stacey

Hey, Rebecca. We do look for things like that, but if we didn't make the correction, please email us at support@waybetter.com Thanks!


08/19/2018 12:11AM
What's better than reading a comment with a healthy tip you can use that day? Or sharing a personal story and getting tons of likes from supportive players? We're all in this together, so connect with each other by leaving and liking comments in the activity feed. We'll announce the Most Liked Player, Most Liked Comment, and Most Generous Liker at the end of each round!

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Roderick Dyke

08/18/2018 4:35PM
  • .
    21.10 Miles Ridden
    2 Hours 29 Minutes in the Saddle
    2,057 Feet of Verticle Ascent
    1,235 Calories Burned
    Beer Tonight is a new IPA my wife found and got a Growler Full ... Hey, It's Cold, Hoppy and an IPA, What can go wrong!
    CHEERS, My Friends!
    (Wing-Point area)

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Sharon R.

That is a cool photo!




08/18/2018 4:27PM - via iPhone
  • First time at Waffle House. I chose tomato slices over hash browns. I figured you guys would need proof😂😂😂

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Dawnie Girl

You go girl!! Maters look yummy! Is that scrapple on that sandwich?! I love me some scrapple, grits and scrambled eggs at WH!!

Referee Stacey



08/18/2018 4:21PM - via iPhone
  • Last night of camping-we r in southern Illinois. Had a big fatty breakfast at Waffle House. So my supper will be NO FOOD. Just a TUMBLER of Gin n Tonic😂😂😂
    Ok. Im editing this because in actuality I did make a smart choice at Waffle House. I did order a breakfast sandwich...but I swapped out the hash browns for tomato slices. 👍👍. So I could have done worse😄

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Rebecca G.


sharon c.


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