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Fatgirlfedup's Summer Vacation Comeback

Lose 4% in 4 weeks!

Fatgirlfedup's Summer Vacation Comeback

Aug 06 - Sep 02/15 days left
Hosted by Lexi







Aug 06





Lose weight with our tribe, support,giveaways, tips, recipes, and get paid!



Game Begins

Aug 06

Last Day to Join

Aug 19

Final Weigh-In

Sep 03 - Sep 04


Bet $30

to start

Lose 4%

in 4 weeks


Split the pot

How do you verify the weight loss?

For all official weigh-ins, you'll be prompted to submit your official starting weight. Our standard weigh-in process involves you submitting 2 photos: one of you standing on a scale in lightweight clothing (no shoes, hats, belts, watches, coats, or outerwear), and another of the scale’s readout with your weigh-in word written on a piece of paper.

What you'll need

  • A scale (preferably digital)
  • A digital camera or smartphone
  • A full-length mirror or someone to take your photo
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  2. How we prevent cheating +

Does this actually work?

Out of 680,917 DietBetters, 93.72% have lost weight during their challenges. Combined, they've lost 10,306,467 lbs and won $56,660,551. In other words...yes.

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08/17/2018 11:07AM - via android
  • Dont erase your hard work the weekend! Have a game plan and fight hard for self control. We got this tribe!

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Mary S.

Love this advice and the pep talk as our weekends begin. Thanks!
- 08/18/2018 6:02AM - via android


weekend can be hard! Too much fun!
- 08/18/2018 11:05AM


08/13/2018 12:18PM
  • Week one of our game is complete and i'm so proud of our tribe already! I love seeing all the positive posts here daily aswell as the constant love, support, and encouragement! Weight loss isn't easy and no matter what we only fail if we give up! This week I want to challenge you not to drink your calories and focus on hydration! Use less creamer, switch to sugar free, replace creamers with almond/cashew milk, switch sodas for unsweeted tea, use less sugar, and try increasing your water intake to 8 glasses a day! Small changes, water, and not drinking your calories can help with weight loss in so many ways! I personally aim to drink atleast a gallon a day depending on my activity level. Let us know how you cut drinking your calories or when you hit your water goal for the day below! Keep fighting everyone! <33


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i never drink sodas or juices even when im not on a diet so idk what to say lol
- 08/17/2018 3:13PM - via android


Water is my drink of choice! Never drink anything else except for an occasional cold brew coffee with unsweetened almond milk as a treat. No sodas or juices though!
- 08/18/2018 2:40AM - via iPhone


08/06/2018 7:20AM - via android
  • Good morning, our game officially starts TODAY and i'm so excited to finish 2018 with our tribe! For those of you who may not know me my name is Lexi (fatgirlfedup). I joined my first dietbet in 2016 and it helped me to lose 312lbs in two years with diet/exercise. No meal plan, surgery, personal trainer, but just counting my calories, focusing on my diet with 30-60 mins of exercise 5x a week in the beginning. Here's a few things to get started:
    - Welcome to our tribe! Together we are losing pounds and have become a tribe full of love, encouragement, and support! It brings me great joy to host and I love being part of such a positive weight loss space. We will have others joining us for 14 days so be sure to invite friends,family, and coworkers. You may literally save their life just by getting them to join in on the fun!
    - Diet is key! I use myfitnesspal to track all the food i'm eating and it helped me learn about nutrition labels, log my water/workouts, and showed me my progress!
    - MOVE! Try to get atleast 30 minutes of exercise 4-5x a week even if it's just walking. Every step adds up! I started with the elliptical 5x a week in the beginning as I was 485lbs and it helped me to not kill my knees. Start where you can and just focus on moving daily.
    - WATER is your best friend! I aim to drink a gallon a day. Water helps to keep you full, boost your metabolism, and can even help your skin while loosing weight!
    - Let's be friends! Be sure to tag #fatgirlfedupsdietbet on all social media so we can find & cheer each other on!
    - PICTURES. Sometimes the scale doesn't tell the full story so be sure to take ALL the before pictures. I promise you WILL want them and we can't wait to see your transformation!
    - Any technical or weigh in problems email support@dietbet.com as they are amazing and super quick with helping!

    TIME TO FINISH THIS YEAR STRONG! Let's do this! <3


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Thank you all! So happy to have each and every one of you and thankful to be blessed with such an amazing tribe! Myfitnesspal sadly won't let me add anyone else, but i do suggest adding eachother if you'd like! It's a great app for progress!
- 08/13/2018 11:52AM


good for you thats like 13 a month, congrats
- 08/17/2018 3:18PM - via android


08/18/2018 11:49PM - via android
Sooo my progress so far is 0%. In words: zero. Back home again I gained all the weight back I lost on vacation. It's about time for the new scholar year to start next Monday to get me back on track 😐

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karie s. , danielle r. , Cmorrison92 , Marisha P. and Jc accepted the challenge.
08/18/2018 11:48PM
The pot is now $246,480

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Aimy W.

08/18/2018 10:49PM - via iPhone
Does anyone else have issues with their feet falling asleep when using the elliptical? I can last about 12 minutes and when I get off my feet are numb.

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Yup! When I read about it and researched it, I found it’s the angle of your feet/ankle so I specifically bought one where I can adjust it and i haven’t had the problem again.
- 08/18/2018 11:09PM - via iPhone


Sometimes it helps to reverse the movement and go backwards for a few minutes. You'll be targeting some different muscles at the same time as well.
- about 21 minutes ago - via android

Bettina F.

08/18/2018 10:29PM - via iPhone
Despite getting called into work from 2-5 am, sleeping 1.25 hrs, working out, then napping, and working from 11-4 I managed to stay on track with my food and water intake today. Definitely a NSV as I generally would have stopped for fast food for lunch, and then made something easy (not healthy) for dinner because I’m so tired. Off to bed in case I get called in again tonight. Was going to say “early” but then Inrelauzed it’s 1030, it’s bedtime anyway! Hope everyone had a great day!

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08/18/2018 10:21PM - via iPhone
  • Finished my first competitive StepBet week. So proud of number of km 💃

Karen M. , Kayla D. and like this photo.


Wow that's amazing
- about 1 hour ago - via android

Stef P.

Lol I like Thursday
- about 1 hour ago - via iPhone


08/18/2018 9:46PM - via iPhone
I have been either swimming or doing low impact cardio to videos on TV for the past two weeks. I felt like I needed something more, so I signed up for a three day trial at a gym with my husband and daughter. We worked out for about an hour today. We hope to join a gym soon. This was a victory!

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Toby S

08/18/2018 8:39PM - via iPhone
Hi. I’m new and this is the first time I’ve felt brave enough to post. I need help. I’ve followed Lexi on instagram for a while and joined this dietbet on aug 10th. I’ve eaten junk food and drank pop for literally decades and I feel scared to give up that way of life. I don’t know why but every day I try and every day I fall back into my old ways. Has anyone else felt like this and had this trouble? Thanks for listening.

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The food you eat effects your brain chemistry, specially sugar. It’s an addiction. So it’s normal that it’s hard and that you struggle.
What I find helpful is learning about it, getting informed about what is in food and how it effects our health and then using this knowledge.
One step at the time and those first baby steps are usually the hardest.
- 08/18/2018 10:16PM - via iPhone

Stef P.

We're all in the same boat around here. I can't say it'll get easier with time because cravings are a part of life. But don't limit yourself to the point where you'll binge eventually. Eat in moderation. If you crave something, eat it. Just incorporate it into your day and don't eat an entire cake or a whole box of cookies. Your first step is being here! You can do it!
- about 1 hour ago - via iPhone

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