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Aug 06



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08/16/2018 4:13PM

7 Day Meal Plan for Beginners!!

Hey goalie squad! I have created a 7 day meal plan based off 1,200 calories a day! I explain a lot more in the document itself. If you are having trouble with meal planning or just do not know what to eat for weight loss then this is for you! Someone please comment and let me know if you can see it using this link!



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Maria F.

Yes I got there from the link
- 08/17/2018 4:18PM - via android

Maëva L.

Thank you so much !! :D I'm a végétarian so I'd have to adapt it
- 08/18/2018 11:46AM - via android


08/18/2018 10:31PM - via android
  • After a long day ready to relax and go to bed..

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08/18/2018 7:39PM - via android
  • will be getting them tomorrow!!!

Amanda V. , Deidra S. , Cristina G. and Arin G. like this photo.

Amy D.

08/18/2018 7:11PM - via android
  • Shoes... cost me about $40 from a Nike factory store, and they are worth every penny (still glad i didnt spend 3 times that).

Amanda V. , Maria , Deidra S. , Cristina G. and Marcich80 like this photo.


08/18/2018 6:14PM - via android
  • Day 13
    Went on a hike, 6 miles was so much fun.

Amanda V. , Maria , Deidra S. , Cristina G. and Amy D. like this photo.

Leigh m.

08/18/2018 5:29PM - via android
Stomach bug is not how I wanted to start this weekend with! 😨😨😨

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Amy D.

I'm sorry to hear that that's never fun to deal with
- 08/18/2018 7:13PM - via android


take your time to rest and get well soon!
- about 1 hour ago - via android


08/18/2018 1:14PM - via android
  • Hey goalies. My weekend plan seems to be working. I do exercise way more than usual, I do useful things around the house instead of Netflix and blah blah and yet I've had chips today. After that I did a 5k walk, but that won't burn it..and I wasn't even that hungry?? goddammit! But I managed to say no to alcohol.anyway my weekend check list holds me more in my hands, so in general it's way better than an average weekend for me. I just expected more from myself.

Margo , Deidra S. and like this photo.

Amanda V.

Do you have a healthier alternative to chips? I feel I still need a treat on the weekend but instead of a chocolate bar I have a choc chip oat bar
- 08/18/2018 1:52PM - via android


I'm in search. Because I have to be realistic and admit that I will probably always want something to munch on. But thing like vegetable chips or lentil chips have the same amount of calories or even more! So I don't know ..any ideas?
- 08/18/2018 11:37PM - via android

Deidra S.

08/18/2018 12:47PM - via iPhone
  • To get some steps in, we went to the Riverwalk to some local museums. Maybe not the best shoes but it’s so hot! :)

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08/18/2018 12:31PM - via iPhone
  • Shoes are a big part of my life, I design them for a living. These are the pair of the day, dragged them through a hike in the woods today. Ended up on an intermediate trail that kicked my butt, two posts in one

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Chloe M.

08/18/2018 12:06PM - via iPhone
Push the comfort- I got up at 6:30 on a Saturday to fit in my workout before traveling to my parents. Brought my prepped lunch instead of getting my FAVORITE hometown burrito with my husband. Any other point in my life I would’ve slept in and devoured that burrito and then felt guilty later. Trying to break out of unhealthy habits.

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