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Fit & Fun with Referee Maureen

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Sep 10



I'm a runner, boot camp fanatic, and a Referee. Let's get fit and hit our weight loss goals together, and have some fun along the way!



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chasyty b.

09/22/2018 8:24PM - via android
  • went for a great walk today with my mom and my kiddos. feels so good to be active

Referee Maureen

09/22/2018 5:02AM
  • Happy Selfie Saturday! Let's see those big beautiful smiles on this spectacular Saturday! This is Bella, my running partner in the cooler months. I'm looking forward to getting her back out there with me soon!

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She's adorable! What is she? I bet she's great fun to have it with you!
Have a great Saturday!
- 09/22/2018 6:01AM - via android

Referee Maureen

Thank you! She's a Vizsla/Boston Terrier mix and she is a doll! Happy Saturday to you too Shannon!
- 09/22/2018 11:47AM

Susan H.

09/21/2018 8:30AM
Maureen - Thanks for being such a good tribe leader! I hope you are getting encouragement for all of us as well.

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Referee Maureen

Thanks so much, Susan! I am indeed and love how everyone is participating. Let's keep it going...together we will succeed!
- 09/22/2018 4:49AM

Susan H.

09/21/2018 8:26AM
Down 3.3!! WOW!! WhooHoo!!!
I just had an idea - I post, what I hope are encouraging comments, on other peoples cheerboards. So it occurred to me - why don't I give MYSELF a little shout out!! I posted a comment on MY cheerboard!! It actually felt really good, saying and reading the words I would normally write to someone else, to me. Yeah ME!! and everyone else on the journey. It's hard! It's daunting! It's draining! But we can be healthy and we are on our way!

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Referee Maureen

I LOVE this Susan! And congratulations - you rock!!!
- 09/22/2018 4:50AM


Woo hoo!!!! :tada:
- 09/22/2018 5:55AM - via android


09/20/2018 12:16PM - via android
  • I'm just checking in! Having a frustrating week exercise wise... After three back surgeries I'm a little limited and I've had a sick puppy that's kept me mostly in. Going to focus hard on a good, healthy diet and hope to get out waking soon!

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Thanks for the love guys! My doggie's name is Claire. She's a GSP/ Britney so she's hard to keep down! We also have a male GSP, Tucker.:heart: My last surgery was two years ago but it's degenerative so I'm careful with what I do. I'm going to finally get serious about some yoga too!
Brera- Take care of those wisdom teeth and avoid dry sockets! You'll need lots of rest and care! :heart:
- 09/20/2018 3:15PM - via android

Referee Maureen

Claire and Tucker - love the names. All of my dogs have people names too. Yoga is a great form of exercise and will help strengthen your back. I really need to get back to some Yoga classes. I may just add this to my list of goals for next week!
- 09/22/2018 4:55AM


09/20/2018 6:26AM

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Tammy T, Bridget E, Alexis, Emily, kaitlyn c., Jackie E., Sara S.Evan L, Leslie G., and Steve S!

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Referee Maureen

09/19/2018 1:22PM
  • There is still time to get it in! I ran at 6am and got mine out of the way early. They were calling for rain tonight and I wanted to be sure I got an outdoor run in. The treadmill is not my favorite!

    What is your preferred method of exercise? I have a few - running - HIIT and Bootcamp.

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Referee Maureen

I really think the weights are a personal choice. You're right, some people are opposed to them but I really feel that it depends on each individual. I sometimes train and run with a weighted vest on. I know my body and what I can tolerate and it works for me.
- 09/20/2018 1:14PM


Maureen, thank you for your kind reply. I think I have seen a person wearing a weighted vest on here. My doctor says it is perfectly ok to ware my light weight for my short running so I will continue to use them from time to time ... !
- 09/20/2018 1:20PM - via iPhone


09/19/2018 12:10AM
Make your game fun by leaving and liking great comments! At the end of your game we'll announce winners of the Most Liked Player, Most Liked Comment, and the Most Generous Liker.

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Mark M.

09/18/2018 7:13AM
Did stairs on Sunday, still sore, I love it. going back on Friday.

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Referee Maureen

Way to go Mark! Stairs are one of the best forms of exercise there is. Keep it up, that's hard work!
- 09/20/2018 1:15PM

Referee Maureen

09/17/2018 12:47PM
  • Happy Monday! Today is the day...the start of a brand new week so make it a good one! Looking back on last week, what were your strengths and what did you struggle with? How do you plan to turn those struggles into strengths this week?

    For me:
    Strengths: I was consistent in my working out and running. It's been so hot and I had some long runs scheduled that I was not looking forward to but I pushed through them and got it done.

    Struggles: I stayed up way too late on most nights and am going to set an alarm on my phone to remind me that I need to start wrapping things up and hopefully get to bed a bit earlier.

    I also went to a party this weekend and really overindulged in all the delicious, but unhealthy foods. I don't do that often and I can really feel it! All the sugar has left me feeling blah! I'm going to drink a lot of water, workout out hard, and plan healthy meals.

    OK, now it's your turn!

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My water intake was amazing last week and would like this week to be the same.
Major challenge: last week I was confronted by extremely tempting food! But was so thrilled to actually NOT be TEMPTED by them!!!!!!!! My goals were bright ahead of me! And I wanted my goals more. I can’t remember a time that that had ever happened before.
- 09/19/2018 8:39AM - via iPhone

Referee Maureen

Happywalker, you did an awesome job last week! Don't let those comments get to you! You are an inspiration otherwise she would not be asking for your advice. There are ways to cook healthy and exercise without spending a lot of money. Many people use that as an excuse not to exercise and then get frustrated when they don't see results. You are inspiring those around you and this is proof!

Annika, where have you been? Yes, I noticed that you have not been around and I am SO happy to see you. Walking away from tempting food is no easy task and I give you a triple high five for that! You have a plan and it sounds like nothing is going to get in your way. Bravo!
- 09/19/2018 1:30PM

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