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Battle With Becca

Aug 25 - Sep 21/Game has ended
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Aug 25





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Aug 25

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Sep 07

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Sep 22 - Sep 23



two players will be chosen from the game to win a $50 gift card each.


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For all official weigh-ins, you'll be prompted to submit your official starting weight. Our standard weigh-in process involves you submitting 2 photos: one of you standing on a scale in lightweight clothing (no shoes, hats, belts, watches, coats, or outerwear), and another of the scale’s readout with your weigh-in word written on a piece of paper.

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  • A scale (preferably digital)
  • A digital camera or smartphone
  • A full-length mirror or someone to take your photo
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09/20/2019 7:56AM
Tomorrow is the last game for this game but for many of us it isn’t the last day for our battles.

If you’re still trying to lose weight, don’t let the end of your trying come with the end of this game! You will get to your ultimate goal as long as you keep going. The only way to fail this journey is to quit!

Remember: we are REFORMED quitters. Quitting on ourselves is no longer an acceptable option.

Get out there and work your ass off until you have that life you’ve always wanted! Give yourself that GIFT

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Rachel S.

So glad I succeeded! Can't wait to join your next game Becca

Kathi W.

Well said


09/17/2019 5:19AM
Guys, we’re almost to the end of this game! To those of you who have reached their goal for the game, proud of you! For those of you who haven’t but are still giving it their all, I’m proud of you! For those of you too stubborn to ever quit on themselves again, I’m so freaking proud of you!!!

Take a moment today, whether you reached your goal or not, to fully appreciate all the effort you’re putting into yourself right now.

That’s something to be proud of:)

Cathy G. , Ashley M. and like this comment.


Thanks for the ongoing support Becca!


:heart: this! I am proud, hoping to keep the momentum going! Thank you for the support and motivating!


09/15/2019 7:29AM
How’s everyone doing?

Who’s food prepping today and what’s on the menu? I need some ideas for this week and maybe other members need some inspiration as well.

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Salmon with green beans for lunch all week. Overnight oats for breakfaat


Jenny o turkey meet with tomatoes and cheese


09/13/2019 11:19AM
  • Great reminder heading into this weekend!!!! Weekend calories count too😜

Sara the Great , Kathi W. and like this photo.

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It's the fall festival this weekend, all the yummy foods are out. Doing good so far, don't want to gain the last week of this challenge!

Colleen G.

Thanks for that info


09/12/2019 5:07AM
  • Focus on these next 24 hours and crush it!!!!!

Jula V. , Kristel S. and like this photo.


I do like this to focus on today, but to have a goal you have to think about tomorrow...


09/10/2019 4:57AM
TWELVE days left in this game everyone! How is everyone doing this go-round?

Don’t quit!!! We got this:) dig down and push through💪

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Hard to exercise with this heat wave but I've been eating less


0. 9 lbs left to go let’s smash this guys :muscle:


09/09/2019 7:16AM
Just got in a nice 4 mile walk this morning:) took advantage of some childless hours and instead of sitting and watching Grey’s like I wanted, I got out there and remembered I have goals to crush💪

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Nice job!


09/07/2019 9:21AM
  • 100%!!!!

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Sara P.

A good reminder! Weekends are hard.


I do only one cheat day...


09/05/2019 5:08AM
  • This is one of my go to yoga videos on YouTube. It’s great for beginners like me:)

    What are some of your favorite YouTube workouts?

    Share with us!!!

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Hmmm this looks interesting. I have never been a big yoga fan, but I needed to work on getting limber. I usually go with more aerobic workouts, but my favorite thing to do is run and pushups!

Sara P.

I’ve always been too intimidated to try yoga. I always felt like it was for skinny people.


09/04/2019 4:29AM
Almost through the week everyone!!! Keep pushing through:)

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Kiran A.

Been good with my food but haven’t gotten a chance to exercise :disappointed:


The weight loss has stopped these last few days, I really need to change up my plan to get on track again :)


09/02/2019 6:24AM
Keep kicking ass everyone!!! Whether or not you feel you’re doing your absolute best (which you are) it’s a new week and a new month. Don’t beat yourself up! Just focus on this next month and realize it’s a nice new clean slate. Set your goals and slay them:)

September Goals:
-no night snacking
-cut back dairy to two days a week because I’ve been very lax with this over summer and my stomach is killing me:)
-work out 4 days a week
-spread love and positivity
-write in my daily gratitude journal

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Also inspired by the gratitude journal... going to bring back my gratitude jar. I write them on post it notes and drop in a jar... and opened them around New Years as a reflection. Last year I tried to do it weekly.


I had never heard of a gratitude journal, what an awesome idea! I love practicing self love and that's a good way to keep positive!


09/01/2019 6:38AM
Movement menu for today:)

Family football game

What’s on your movement menu today?

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I worked my second job today and I went shopping. Busy busy!


Giant corn maze


08/30/2019 6:01AM
Going into Labor Day weekend I like to have a plan of what I’m going to eat before I get to my cookouts:)

On my menu:
Cut cucumber
Lettuce wrap double cheeseburger w/ pepper jack cheese and two cut up jalapeños
Keto cheesecake

I’m prepping my food and bringing it with me. There’s no shame in this girl’s game and I’m known for bringing my own food right along with me and it bothers exactly zero people. It keeps me on track and in alignment with my goals and way or eating.

How do you handle food gatherings while trying to lose weight? Do you prep and bring your own? Or, do you chose a healthy version while there? Or, do you eat and jump right back on the next meal?

Let us know your game plan!!

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I have a few things I try to do... 1. Bring a healthy dish or two to add to the meal giving myself the healthy options. At every holiday my husband and I make at last half the food because we want healthier options. 2. I simply pack a meal and shamelessly eat my food. My mother successfully lost over 100lbs with medifast and is unapologetic about her food... so you made your grandma's famous pasta, that's cool, I'm going to eat this medifast cereal or a huge salad etc. I love her commitment and it taught me to be there for the people and event but not for the food!


I try and ear healthy, If it's unhealthy I'll eat a very small amount


08/28/2019 4:48AM
  • Started my day with 10 minutes of breathing/meditation and then did a quick Pilates video:)

    How did you start your morning?

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My son & I had a yoga date at 6 am. Perfect way to start the day!


I only work out in the morning during weekends, but I ended this day with rowing machine and weight lifting.

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