New year - New you - with @molsinspire

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New year - New you - with @molsinspire

Jan 11 - Feb 07/Game Closed
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How do you verify the weight loss?

For all official weigh-ins, you'll be prompted to submit your official starting weight. Our standard weigh-in process involves you submitting 2 photos: one of you standing on a scale in lightweight clothing (no shoes, hats, belts, watches, coats, or outerwear), and another of the scale’s readout with your weigh-in word written on a piece of paper.

What you'll need

  • A scale (preferably digital)
  • A digital camera or smartphone
  • A full-length mirror or someone to take your photo
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Out of 888,333 DietBetters, 98.73% have lost weight during their challenges. Combined, they've lost 16,004,184 lbs and won $62,263,235. In other words...yes.

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mols inspire

01/18/2021 8:18PM

I'm already 5 lbs down!!!!

You guys nailed the step challenge, big congrats to Fa Hazelnut on the $20 bonus money! Please email me at to confirm identity and claim the prize money!

For the next challenge i want you guys to post your go to low calorie meal and recipe! I find it so helpful seeing other peoples, it gives me new ideas and its always so nice to switch things up!

Post your reply in the comment section before for a chance to win a $20 bonus! I'll choose a winner on Saturday!

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On a day I just don’t want to cook I’ll grab a can of chicken, can of mixed veg and can of broth for a super simple meal. If I have leftovers in fridge like Rice, I might add a bit of that.
Better to prep meals in advance but there are just some days..


Another quick and easy is a nice omelette with eggs, spinach, mushrooms and a bit of cheese. Also love some avocado if I have a ripe one available :laughing:

mols inspire

01/13/2021 9:01PM
  • DAY 3 guys!

    Let’s kick off the first challenge!

    One of my favourite weight loss hacks is getting in 10,000 steps. So easy to do and so easy not to do.

    Making sure this is a part of your day is a major key to success!

    So use your Fitbit or smart watch or the tracker on your phone and get 10,000 steps in one day this week!

    Post in the comment section for proof and I’ll select a winner on Sunday!

    $20 cash bonus!

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Sove B.

  • 💪


  • Stepdad

David K.

about 1 hour ago
  • Getting it in this morning for an hour. Going to do unofficial weigh-in next.

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Teresa B. is the overall MVP of the game! They invited 1 friend.

about 5 hours ago

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Smirnova I. , Brad D. and Scott L. accepted the challenge.
01/24/2021 10:55PM
The pot is now $21,350

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01/24/2021 2:28PM
Happy Sunday!
The fresh start of a new week!
I pulled up my Carb Manager app today for the first time in quite awhile and started logging meals this weekend! It’s really helping me get a better pic of what I’ve eaten, what I need to eat etc!
One more tool!

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That’s awesome I’m going to check it out
Sloan M. and Haley H. accepted the challenge.
01/24/2021 12:08PM
The pot is now $21,245

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Gary S. accepted the challenge.
01/23/2021 10:35PM
The pot is now $21,175

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Sarah R. and Ayah A. accepted the challenge.
01/23/2021 3:51PM
The pot is now $21,140

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01/23/2021 4:24AM
Yesyesyes! I think I'm beyond 'it's only water' and now keto is paying off. Made it halfway, daily excercise gets easier and my mood is constantly happy and positive. Good Vibrations only. ❤❤❤

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