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10/24/2021 2:19PM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
  • I just hit 195 pounds, down from 325. Fitting in to a size 10/12 now 😊 one more pound to go for this rounds goal. If anyone has a weight loss Instagram page and would like to share so we can motivate each other, post it in the comments or add me: lindsayhjw
    Keep going everyone, you got this! 😊

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Gigi R.

Holy smokes! Your commitment is incredible :star2::star2::star2:

Lynn W.

Thanks for sharing! You are certainly an inspiration for me!

Jaime M.

10/19/2021 4:49PM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
Anyone else gain weight when going to the gym? I’m sure it’s just muscle but it’s always a let down 😅
Swapped my weights and cardio so I do the cardio last now, but hopefully I start going down instead of up 😳😬

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Jane S.

I agree with Naomi, you don't see the weight loss from exercise right away, but in the long run it's doing great things for your metabolism and it benefits you in so many other ways.


Water weight! Keep going!

Cassaundra B.

10/19/2021 2:19PM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
  • Lunch tomorrow! Little over 200 calories if you don’t count the half of a “bar” that will be a sweet treat (no idea how many calories it is).

    Taco salad (salsa for dressing)
    Diced pineapple
    Sparkling water

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Lynn W.

Looks yummy!

Lea M.

Looks great!! Nice job prepping.


10/13/2021 2:35PM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
Verified winner for this round! Yay! It was way harder and way closer than I anticipated though! Worried about the next two months-this month is our anniversary and we will be taking a weekend to celebrate which is typically indulgent. Of which I could be very strict with-but honestly I’m trying to make this part of my life and life has indulgent moments.

Next month I will be on vacation during the weigh in period. My plan is to try and get ahead before then so I have a little wiggle room…but we will see how it all goes. I have been working on losing for the last year and every month gets harder…

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Lynn W.

Way to go! I’m on vacation this week and brought my scale with me for this round’s weigh-in. Life should have indulgent moments, which is why I am trying to make make healthy choices and changes on a daily basis, while allowing for special occasions and then quickly getting back on track. We can do this!


Way to go! Good attitude!

Leia D.

10/11/2021 1:58PM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
I started off this challenge feeling great and ready to hit some big goals.... but then I got a breakthrough case of Covid which left a severe sinus and ear infection as a parting gift. I'm not 100% and have been out of my workout routine since the beginning of September, but did my best to watch calories in take. This morning I nervously stepped on the scale knowing that the first weigh-in is in a couple days. I am only 1lb from making my goal for the first segment. I am confident I can make that happen and 🙏 that phase 2 I can really focus my efforts and get back on track. Everyone out there is doing an amazing job and I am rooting for you all!

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Jason W.

Thanks for sharing your journey so far! Sending best wishes your way that your recovery continues, and that all your goals are met!

Lynn W.

Good for you for being so close to your monthly goals, despite setbacks this month- I’m rooting for you too!!!!!

Karin Elise S

10/11/2021 12:09PM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
  • Some meal prep for the week, roasting veggies for dinners and made cheesy eggs with onion for quick grab breakfasts! How's your meal plans / healthy eating going? Any tips welcome! Lets get this week! 💪

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Alice B.

I am glad it is Fall so I can enjoy soups again. I prepare a batch of veggie soup every week and get, at least, 5 meals from it alternating lunches and dinners. I then add some protein (shrimp, roasted chicken, etc) on top.

Karin Elise S

Great idea, thank you!!


10/11/2021 8:48AM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
Been having a hard time with my nutrition. Signed up for ww today. Looking forward to getting back on track

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Theresa P.

That’s great!! I’m on WW too!!

Lynn W.

That sounds like a great plan! You can do it- stay strong and focused.

Theresa C.

10/09/2021 5:42PM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
In the midst of a covid exposure scare (fingers crossed for the test results tomorrow… stay strong vaccine!) which has thrown a wrench in my weekend. Stayed at home today and got some stuff done around the house. I am on day 3 of eating plant based. I did about 80% from Jan until March but then my living situation went nuts (unexpected move back to my dads and then bought our first house). Finally feeling a little more settled and remembering how good I felt eating less meat and dairy earlier this year. So, back at it!

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Lynn W.

Good luck with the plant based eating! I try to eat primarily a plant based diet too. Just make sure to find ways to get in your protein.

Jane S.

Did you get you test results back yet? Is everything OK?

Kayli L.

10/09/2021 9:48AM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
3 days left in this round and I have 1lb to go to hit my goal! I’ll be chugging water and watching salt before weigh in! Anyone already hit their goal?

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Alice B.

I am a couple of pounds lower than my goal... I need to stay focused and work on the next month. i feel like I am relaxing too much... this is my 5th month in transformers.

Amber P.

I am at goal, but last Saturday (10/2) I overdid it and was up 3 pounds for most of the week. Starting Friday I REALLY made an effort to chug water all day to wash away the salt and bloat. It took a couple of days but it really helped! So Chug that water!!


10/09/2021 7:43AM in The Great Outdoors Transformer - $2,000 in REI gift cards!
  • 6.5 mile birthday hike yesterday

Susan C. , Gigi R. and like this photo.

Lynn W.

That’s beautiful! And, Happy Birthday!! What a great birthday gift to yourself.

Gigi R.

Happy Birthday :balloon::tada:
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