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Favorite Health Food: AVOCADO! yum!

Favorite Sinful Food: Chocolate!!! In ANY form!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: dancing, swimming, and jogging

My Diet Plan: 80/20: 80 percent healthy, 20% indulge/substitute healthier versions

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal,

DietBet Winnings: $3,878.05

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Back for a new game with dietbet.
by - 03/14/2017 11:44AM

So I'm back again. I love dietbet to push my motivation whenever I start to get out of control...and... Read More ›

Day 9: Appetite is back-HUNGRY!!
by - 01/14/2015 10:52AM

ok feeling a lot better today. My appetite is back with a vengeance! It came back last night around ... Read More ›


Hunger is a good sign! You're making progress.
Day 8: No appetite...feeling bleh
by - 01/13/2015 10:35AM

        This is how I feel today. Just bleh. I feel good and positive but also just this uck feeling... Read More ›

Bodyfat vs muscle/water loss
by - 01/12/2015 10:32AM

        So the weekend went better then I expected! The only thing is I think the only reason it we... Read More ›

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That's a good way to consume something one shouldn't: by just staring at it. At least the calories consumed will be zero!

Angela T.

i do the same thing. tv ads, grocery stores, restaurants...they all start calling you when you're hungry
Day 5: Being good on the weekend....not easy
by - 01/10/2015 1:23PM

It's the weekend, my weak time. I'm trying really hard to stay on track for this diet bet as well as... Read More ›

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"Week"ENDS are my "Weak" NESS too but since we will have them the rest of our lives, I'm hoping we can all beat this together. We got this!


Your mind is running ahead of your body but keep going, your body will eventually catch up. Good job in getting through a weekend day.
Day 4: Feeling guilty, need to train!
by - 01/09/2015 10:48AM

I woke up feeling like I just HAD to throw up. I was going to try and do a run so it really bummed m... Read More ›

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You still managed to lose a pound after such a hectic week. Congratulations.
Day 3: Almost better, working out while sick?
by - 01/08/2015 10:57AM

This morning I woke up feeling a lot better. I thought I'd be 100% today but actually still feel thi... Read More ›


A+ for effort once again, Amanda. Chances are it's your cold that was not allowing your endorphins to get through. Your body is probably too busy fighting the cold. Hopefully the ducks were a fun distraction. Now that you did your exercise for the day get as much rest as possible after you get all of today's commitments out of the way.
Terrible day but staying strong!
by - 01/07/2015 3:15PM

lol, today was such a bad day from the start but I'm staying positive and chugging through it. I wok... Read More ›


Hoping this is the low point and that things can only get a lot better from this point on. Glad you managed to push through and get a work out in. A lot of people would have not bothered and just chosen to feel sorry for themselves.