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02/12/2019 5:57AM

Sugary K

01/10/2019 8:57AM
Can I officially weigh in before the window? I am going to be on a Cruise during my time to check in and probably won't have internet service.

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11/24/2018 2:14PM

Rebecca B.

05/02/2017 1:10PM
Join my dietbet http://dbet.me/rbuckley1

shaha b.

01/10/2015 6:33AM
where can i find a exrsie app


09/05/2014 9:03AM
Question? I won this week's weigh-in. The activity board says I won a fitbit Flex. I can't tell from my profile whether you have my shipping address. How and when can I receive this prize? Looking forward to using it! I actually just bought one this morning on Ebay because I hadn't realized I won one yesterday. :-) Oh welll.... someone will have a good Christmas with the one I bought :-)


06/15/2014 12:44PM
andie111: Question? Do we have to weigh-in on Wednesdays or the weekday that we started on?


06/08/2014 11:07AM
I have a question about credits, how long can they sit in your account? Say I want to wait until I have reached a certain $500 amount, is that ok, even if its been over a years worth of games etc? Also I've seen people saying you can actually request a check and not just do a paypal pay out, is that correct? If so how do you do that and how long does that take and are their fees with doing that? TIA


05/20/2014 3:43AM
Hi, I really need to join this game. Im delayed in sending in my pictures but I understood that we could join a game as late as 14days in. I have friends who are supporting each other in this game.

Cathy T.

04/02/2014 7:39PM
I want know When is my prize shipping?

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