Climbing Mt. Rainier in June and don't want to carry extra weight on the way. Onward to the summit!

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Favorite Health Food: Spinach

Favorite Sinful Food: Cheesecake

My Preferred Method of Exercise: HIIT

My Approach to Weight Loss: Low intake, High output

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Zombies, Run!

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $3,736.72

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-3.8% Lifetime Change-6.8 lbs

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- Slim -

03/21/2021 3:26PM
  • Hey Ziek, thank you for adding me as a friend! I likewise have added you as my friend. I hope to help encourage you on your health & fitness journey!

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02/16/2021 3:23PM
Thanks for the comment! Totally hard to comment back and forth especially with so many people. You got this! :) And so does your son haha

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CHUD Hombre

07/02/2018 12:15PM
My man Ziek!!! How have you been doing? I've regained all my weight back due to personal issues that kept me in a funk for a long time. Still dealing with them but trying to get back to taking care of myself. Nice to see you in the Fatgirlfedup bet!

CHUD Hombre

04/16/2017 8:25AM
You still under goal this morning? Weekends stink but not going out to eat with the family certainly helps. Anyway, I'm thinking of joining these two kickstarters:Summer Shred with Molsinpire - Starts immediately on 4/17Maranda's Spring Slimdown GIVEAWAY Dietbet - Starts on 4/19If we take weigh out pics on 4/17, we should be able to reuse them for both. Which games are you looking to join?

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Yup! Even lower today, actually. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll be joining the Summer Shred with Molsinpire. I haven't seen the other one you mentioned, but I'll check that one out too. Maybe I'll join that one as well and hopefully find one more.

CHUD Hombre

I picked the other one because it starts 2 days later and can reuse pics so I have an extra 2 days for the bet just in case I plateau along the way. Wish I can do that with Molsinpire but I guess I just need to stay on point. Not too many bets with a decent amount of participants unfortunately in our timeframe.


02/27/2017 5:28AM
hey, i see your weight, how tall are you? im 5"11 and im at 175lbs now, lowest ive been is about 169, i see youve been down to 160, wondering if you are around my height?


Hey! Nah, I wish. I'm a shorty at a little over 5'7.


03/03/2015 5:59AM
Hi Ziek,Congrets on reaching your goal and beyond.I think you are a fat slayer (not fat, but slaying fat).Is that your Indian name?See you,Nance


Thanks Nance! Haha...you kept your word. I like it it. I'm not sure if that's my Indian name or not, but I'll be going there this summer for work so I'll see what they call me lol.

Mennonna O.

02/23/2015 9:11PM
Thanks for the cheer! I noticed you reached your goal really quickly! Great job! Keep it up!! :)


02/22/2015 8:54AM
You're doing great Ziek!