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Favorite Health Food: Lemons

Favorite Sinful Food: New York Cheesecake

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Walking

My Weight Loss Program: DASH

My Diet Plan: DASH

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $54.17

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Going all in... DASH for Life.
by - 04/06/2015 7:29AM

Good morning Ladies... This weekend was a real beast... Temptation wokeup beside you, walked with yo... Read More ›

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I love surprises like that! You rock star! :)
Determined to make it happen... DASH for Life
by - 03/27/2015 8:44AM

I got up this morning, finally wrote down a scripture I was struggling to locate all week then I gra... Read More ›

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Yes you can DO this!!!


Listened to that song....So very Awesome! Found it very encouraging also. Adding it to my favs list. I have been going through allot of challenging circumstances in my life also. Clinging to the cross with a death grip at times. It is important for people to remember not to be too hard on themselves in whatever they are going through. Life is definitly a process! In order to be a conquerer, We must first learn to give ourselves permission to be in a transition. We cannot claim triumph without first having had experienced the tragedies or struggles. Pushing through these areas helps us to claim the victory and savor all the understanding we got through the experience. Take care my friend! Be good to you!
Moving closer to the mark... DASH Ffor Life
by - 03/25/2015 6:16PM

Today was a great day.. I had a plan, and I planned my menu to the T, but obsticles came but it did ... Read More ›

Motivation for change....DASH for Life
by - 03/24/2015 5:58PM

Everyday is a challenge when you have to constantly deal with changes and life going on around you..... Read More ›

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Wow...48 pounds...so awesome! I too have to call on the Big Guy for help. All the time! Not by my strength, not by my might, but by the power of the Holy Spirit! And let me tell you I need Him all to often. Sometimes for me it seems like the battle of self will against the battle of God's will for our lives. Where I am weak, He is made Strong! Part of recognizing our weaknesses is a strength! Why, because it is in our humility that Jesus has the opportunity to shine In our lives and remind us of who He really is! I believe there is victory in Jesus! I will hold on, push through, and claim the victory over my excess weight until it has been won! Be strong my sister in Christ!


Oh...almost forgot...I got a recipe from the gym the other day for cupcakes made from scratch A healthy way using protein powder as an ingredient. They had small bite size samples that I tasted. They were very good. I will have to find it and send it your way. You could start a healthy cupcake trend at your church, and you could lead the way, and be known as the inspirational example of how to overcome adversity by taking the love you put in your cooking to encourage others to overcome their eating obstacles....just a thought! Many blessings to you this day. :)
Motivation Station... DASH for Life
by - 03/23/2015 9:03AM

Good morning... I am very excited about today. This is day number two OF following the DASH DIET Wei... Read More ›


Thanks for the info. I'm sure it will prove to be useful. Great job on your weight loss. Keep up the good work. :)
Motivation Station... DASH for Life
by - 03/18/2015 10:24AM

This is one of those days that I really have to push myself to stay on track. I am a carb lover, and... Read More ›


Have you tried green smoothies? I do them with spinach, water, pineapple, banana and blueberries. It totally satisfies the sweet tooth and you could put it in a fancy glass to sip while you watch Empire! Carbs are my weakness too and the smoothies help me a lot.
Motivation Station.... DASH for Life
by - 03/17/2015 11:14AM

Today is a beautiful day. I'm excited. I started my week off in the gym. I hadn't been in a while so... Read More ›

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Fantastic! I start praying upwards too but have never gotten over 1 minute before looking down!
Motivation Station... DASH for Life
by - 03/14/2015 5:48AM

Great morning!! Another new day full of opportunities.. I decided to add an old favorite back into m... Read More ›

Motivation Station... DASH for Life
by - 03/13/2015 7:03AM

I woke this morning excited. Excited about a new day and another opportunity to move closer to my go... Read More ›

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Great post!!
Motivation Station... DASH for Life
by - 03/12/2015 4:21PM

I made it to the gym today. My goal was at least 30 minutes of movement on the treadmill and station... Read More ›

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