I gained a lot of weight a few years ago during a stressful time - have lost some of it but then stalled and kept losing a bit then gaining a bit. I don't want to just resign myself to being overweight, so it is time to do something about it!

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Favorite Sinful Food: White wine is my weakness

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Cycling

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Round 2 - too close!
by - 08/04/2015 2:41PM

Well I managed to win Round 2 :-), but it was way too close, I really have to do better in Round 3 a... Read More ›


Laurie, Good job on trying to stick to the plan while out and about it can get really hard. I have to say the one thing I have found that works if you have to go out and eat, order off menu. Most restaurants are accommodating for the most part and will try and make things work for you. Good luck on your goals stay positive and remember to have fun with it.


Thanks! That is very true actually about ordering off menu - or I guess asking for things to be adapted - I don't normally do that and it would certainly help my willpower in situations where half the menu comes with chips on the side!
Perfect diet-jeopardising storm!
by - 07/15/2015 10:50AM

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Habits for the long haul..
by - 06/18/2015 11:44AM

Well now I'm at the end of the second week, I think I can safely say that the initial excitement has... Read More ›

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Matty A.

I hear ya on the booze! I started cutting down the beers I drink and it's really driven home how many I used to have! When I want a drink and I'm trying to be good I'll put a koozie on a seltzer can, or pour my seltzer into a wine glass. It at least helps me cut down!


I mostly quit drinking a couple of years ago-- not to be virtuous about calories or health or anything, but because I was just doing it too much. Now, when I drink it makes me feel gross. I get hot and dehydrated really quickly. I mean, I still drink wine with the girls every now and again, and I still have a stiff cocktail after a particularly stressful day, but like 1-2 drinks every couple of months. My point is just that it loses it's luster. Sometimes I'll pour a drink and take a sip and that's it -- I'll never finish it. A few years ago I NEVER would have neglected and abused alcohol so terribly-- hahaha! The calorie counting aspect helps me, too. There are quite a lot of "skinny" wine brands out now. They're a little thin and sad, but worth a shot if you haven't tried them. Anyway, baby steps are steps! You can't change a habit overnight, and it sounds like you're doing GREAT for two weeks. The food will get easier (I'm told, hahaha...). You've got this. Keep up the hard work!
First week done!
by - 06/09/2015 1:18PM

Well I've completed my first week and even with a weekend away in the middle of it I managed to stay... Read More ›


Congrats on powering through Week 1! I find it necessary to say no to some social events, especially in the early days. As you form some good habits, you'll be able to negotiate social occasions more easily, without tanking your efforts. An exercise "play date" is a great idea, though!

Risa C.

Great job on your first week!!!Be careful of trying to lose too quickly at the expense of building habits that will help you keep the weight off. It's so tempting to try to be thin as soon as possible, but I've found through multiple failed attempts that what really matters is building a lifestyle that you can happily maintain even as you are actively losing weight. It may take longer, but you'll be equipped to stay there when you get there!
Weight vs. weights
by - 06/04/2015 2:33PM

I'm actually going to try to write a short blog post most days, to try to keep myself focussed. And ... Read More ›

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@Vegan Warrior - thanks for the link - I really like the article about 'does lifting heavy make you bulky?' - I was worried about that, but the heavy-lifting women in the article are a lot slimmer than me!
New start
by - 06/03/2015 2:42PM

So, first day of DietBet Transformer challenge! It's certainly got me more enthusiastic about the wh... Read More ›