Feel stronger, have more energy, like what I see in the mirror, and fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes again

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Favorite Health Food: A big salad

Favorite Sinful Food: Ice cream

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Cycling

My Approach to Weight Loss: Cut out the sweets and night time snacks

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

DietBet Winnings: $48.95

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Keeping a food journal
by - 09/01/2015 8:11AM

Keeping a food journal is my secret weapon. Recording food seems to be a very powerful motivator to ... Read More ›

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Brielle B.

I've used MyFitnessPal in the past with great success, and I'm back to using it. I don't really like the site layout (it looks exactly the same as it did in 2011 when I last used it, which isn't REALLY a good thing) and I think that Livestrong's MyPlate is way more attractive and intuitive. I'm also not a fan that apparently in order to check my macros with the mobile app, I have to have a Premium account (but apparently I can check this on the phone with no problem?).That being said, I sorta feel "stuck" with MFP as it has the biggest food database and the most people using it (though I'm not too big on the social aspect of it, tbh). Although, I would like to wring the necks of whoever the people are who add new listings for food already in the database; it drives the data-oriented part of me mad and it's just a pain in the butt. There's no reason for 8 different entries for the same low-sugar ketchup! You guys are nuts!


I am looking for a way to tell my phone what I've eaten and skip the 'hand' entry. Any help?
These are my REAL "Quick Facts." What are yours?
by - 08/30/2015 11:59PM

Favorite health food that is not actually a health food: raisins. Favorite sinful food that is actua... Read More ›

OMG I just bet $150 on a diet
by - 08/30/2015 4:04PM

Hubs was supportive! Though I told him it was $50, not $150. I signed up for a September kickstarter... Read More ›


That's wonderful Peaches!I know that I have spent (ahem: wasted) so much money on food that wasn't healthy for me, and clothes to go along with my growing waistline. I have been committing myself to a number of DietBets lately. I know there will come a time when I'm not as successful. I am just at the very beginning of my weight loss journey - can't win them all. *BUT* I'd rather lose money to people who are supporting me in achieving my weight loss goal than lose money to McDonald's or TGI Fridays or movie theater popcorn. I'd rather "lose" money in a way that - win, lose, or draw when the DietBet is complete - benefits me physically, mentally, and emotionally.