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Katie S.

10/23/2019 8:38AM
  • Do you all measure your ketones? I sometimes do, sometimes do not. I used to always use pee strips, but I recently got a blood ketone monitor.

    This diet I started out occasionally using pee strips from a previous diet about a week in. They never indicated ketones (maybe a quarter of a trace).

    Went on with diet and just stopped measuring until Sunday. I was feeling a little sluggish and wasn't sure if I was out of ketosis or if it was my time of the month. Decided to do a blood test for the first time this diet and got a "Lo" reading.

    Internal panic ensues. NO KETOSIS? Am I eating too little protein?? Too many calories?? SLEEP EATING?? *recalculates macros for more protein*

    Me, the next morning, during IF: "Man, I feel great (despite that time of the month)! Maybe I'll check my ketones more more time...." (See photo)

    So, yeah. I've got all the ketones. I'm good. But the moral of the story here is.... Pee strips definitely can expire/go bad and even blood monitors can have bad readings. Don't freak out. Don't be like me. Eat your fats and carry on :joy:

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  • Might do ;) Hahahah