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10/23/2020 12:16PM
  • Are you a teacher looking for a great way to lose weight?
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    Join the "Fit & Fab Teacher" Dietbet game today, and you'll not only get daily motivational quotes and comical teacher-memes... but you'll receive a free printable 2020-2021 academic calendar and lesson plan template on Day 1 , + more fun printables each week!

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10/01/2019 1:18PM
  • Today starts a new month, let's make it a great month and make a difference for yourself!!

Laura A.

05/16/2018 9:30PM
  • Need to remember this because I sure do love my sweets!

Leslie D.

12/07/2017 8:58PM
  • This is me 24 pounds heavier & 2 pant sizes more in August. Please join me in this $10 dietbet & find out my weight loss journey
    I look forward to supporting you all.


11/06/2017 12:22PM
Thanksgiving is a time to let loose and enjoy those holiday sweets, the big dinners and of course LEFTOVERS!!! Then, more holiday sweets right up until the New Year comes and so do the weight loss resolutions! Why not kick start that food baby you gained and get rid of that 4% before Christmas Day! This challenge starts right after Thanksgiving and ends so that you can give yourself the gift of a healthier you, some extra cash and a chance at my holiday prizes!!!! Come join my game and my crew! A positive and supportive group with a smaller community of people that actively post and your comments don't get lost in the mix! Share with your friends and sign up today so you can enjoy Thanksgiving knowing you have a plan already set into motion!


10/23/2017 10:58AM
Already in a DietBet? Did you know you could be in up to 3 kickstarters?? So join ours its SCRAMBLED LEGS & ACHIN'
Click below if you are already in a challenge, and it ends around the same time, join for more prizes and cash return!!! I HAVE PRIZES GALORE!!! JOIN US TODAY!!!


10/07/2017 11:04AM
Our game "Weapons of A$$ Reduction" is about to end so that means we are ready for the next challenge!! Check out "Scrambled Legs and Achin" at this link-->
4% in 4 weeks to either kick start your weight loss journey or pick up where you left off and continue pushing to your next goal! $20 entry and lots of chances for participation prizes!!!!! All my participants are finishing a game so no one has signed up yet because they will be using their rewards to pay for the next one! My tribe is on a roll and losing an average 5lbs a game!!! COME JOIN US!!


09/07/2017 2:37PM
Wow I had 19 out if 23 participants in my crew hit their 4% goal. Come join our next round called Weapons Of A$$ Reduction! Copy and paste link only $20 for a fun supportive group with prizes along the challenge!


02/28/2017 3:26AM
Sometimes it is very difficult when embarking on this dieting journey. I know it was for me at least so, I wrote in "The First Steps" post ( a few thinks I tweaked in the beginning to be able to get at this point today.
If you want to team up and get support join me in "Team Up To Get Fit" dietbet:

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Lindsay E.

10/17/2016 2:11PM
Hey guys! I am SUPER excited to join this group. I am doing a 30 day nutritional cleanse and excited to see results!! I have lost 14 lbs already with it and NOT STOPPING!!! My friends have done this program also, lost weight and look great :)

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