Weight Lifting for Fat Loss

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mark o.

10/31/2019 12:24PM
hi, everyone, I was so fat but my will power and consistency helped me to get better in shape now I,m looking to gain muscles https://mottofit.com/


10/18/2017 10:00AM
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10/12/2017 8:34AM
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09/13/2017 3:36PM
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09/11/2017 12:19PM
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Maureen B.

08/09/2017 10:51AM
Hi everyone, I'm finishing my first Dietbet and I'm already thinking about my next one!

I want to get back into weight lifting - but has anyone encountered issues where losing fat and adding muscle is wreaking havoc with your weigh-ins? Cause, y'know, muscle weighs more than fat...?


This is my first Dietbet as well. I am lifting just to maintain the muscle that I do have. I've been in a calorie deficit for awhile now so I wouldn't make any new muscle. I first want to lose the extra pounds and then start fresh.


08/09/2017 5:37AM
Good morning! I am new to Dietbet. 6 months new to lifting. Now I would like to put the 2 together. I am looking for strong connections. Anybody out there?


06/22/2017 8:25AM
I really want to start lifting to build some muscle. I want to be able to at least consider becoming a vigilante, like Batman/Arrow. Plus, everyone knows muscle burns more calories than fat, so, BONUS. :)

Christina P.

04/20/2017 9:04AM
So I'm super duper brand new to lifting. But I like the idea of becoming strong and fit instead of just skinny. What is everyone's routine like and what's your favorite thing to do? I'm an absolute noodle and can hardly lift anything but I'm excited to see progress.

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I'm a huge fan of kettlebells myself. I also love barbell workouts.

mark o.

My best form of exercise is a burpee workout, I start with running distance (between my home and gym) and then start burpee

Kelly S.

04/19/2017 7:18AM
I love to lift because it makes me feel badass! And it's helping me get a great ass at the same time!
Fat loss is slowly happening for me, but I can be patient as every day I feel new and stronger muscles.

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Syd A.

I was talking to someone yesterday who kept saying "you need to do HIIT to lose fat!" I had to keep telling them - I want to enjoy my workout! I love lifting and I don't care if the fat comes off slower. I'm obsessed with being strong and fit, not skinny.