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I'm baaack!
by - 10/03/2017 7:52AM

I reached my dreaded plateau then got sick for almost a month. I wound up losing the last two Dietbe... Read More ›

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Weight loss milestones are awesome
by - 07/12/2017 5:37AM

Anything ending in 5 or a 0, right? As of now I'm officially down over 20 lbs! 20 lbs!  That means I... Read More ›

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Another milestone bites the dust
by - 06/08/2017 11:42AM

The first milestone was seeing my first set of "new numbers"--that stage where the second digit on t... Read More ›

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Begin Again
by - 04/11/2017 8:28AM

Well, here it goes again. I read on facebook the other day that weight loss is a series of good choi... Read More ›

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Three down, two to go!
by - 06/05/2017 10:12AM

So a little over a month ago, a friend of mine decided to start a Dietbet and I looked into it and t... Read More ›

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Day 1 ME and MY 28 Days
by - 08/09/2017 4:52AM

Day 1 Up early...6am. I didn't sleep well last night.  Probably from the excitement of this starting... Read More ›

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New numbers!
by - 06/27/2017 6:45AM

I just weighed in today for another dietbet ending and I not only blew past my goal, but I'm now in ... Read More ›

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New Game - New Chance To Win
by - 10/12/2017 8:37AM

  Our game "Weapons of A$$ Reduction" ends today, so that means we are ready for the next challenge!... Read More ›

Day 2 - ME And MY 28 Days
by - 08/10/2017 4:40AM

Day 2 I am feeling like this is going to be ok.  My energy level is good so as long as that is in ch... Read More ›

Day 3 - ME and MY 28 Days
by - 08/11/2017 5:53PM

Good evening... I thought that I would blog towards the end of my day instead of right away in the m... Read More ›

Day 4 - ME and MY 28 Days...
by - 08/12/2017 5:26PM

  I like recapping on my day and sharing it on here. The people that I talk to about my daily progre... Read More ›

by - 08/14/2017 5:02AM

I must say that I had a very good week overall.  I am pleased.  I logged everything and weighed out ... Read More ›

New numbers are coming!
by - 06/21/2017 7:13AM

I'm happily less than two pounds away from new numbers! New numbers are that happy time when the sec... Read More ›

The journey so far
by - 06/28/2017 7:55AM

I've now officially started on my third round of dietbets. I just ended two of the three I was in th... Read More ›

Plans for the after party
by - 07/02/2017 10:36AM

After I'm done losing the most amount of weight I've ever had to lose since I lost over 100 lbs year... Read More ›