Today is a special, beautiful day!!! It's my 54th birthday, and I THANK GOD FOR BLESSING ME TO SEE ANOTHER YEAR!!! WOOHOO!!! And I'm feeling pretty good too (a little back pain, but nothing to complain about)!!! :-)

Right now it's sunny and 29 degrees in Brooklyn, NY, and I'm getting ready to drive to Bay Shore to meet up with Chrissy (our DietBetter sister & my dear friend) for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. We've been trying to get there since last March, but TODAY IS THE DAY!!! I can't wait!!! I'm gonna eat what I want with NO REGRETS!!! LOL!!! We're gonna hang out for a little while, and then I'm gonna head back to Brooklyn so that I can get a mani/pedi. Gotta get ready for my cruise!!! YAY!!! Hopefully, the bad weather they're predicting doesn't interfere with my flight to Miami Saturday morning. Anyway, gotta go now!!! I'll eat a bite of cheesecake for you guys!!! Love ya!!! :-)