I seem to have an all or nothing attitude about my diet. Either I am mentally in the right spot: motivated, counting calories and actively losing, or I am not motivated, not regularly weighing, and am eating the wrong things or too much of the right things.

It seems like there is a constant battle between the me who wants to be healthy and trim, and the other me that wants to be lazy about my diet and just eat whatever and however much with no worries. They can't both win and the lazy me usually wins and so I put on weight. 

If there is a big trip on the horizon, I can get into the diet mindset and can really be good about my diet, count calories, exercise regularly and lose pounds. But then during the trip, my reward is the mindless eating that I love. And once the vacation is over, I just keep doing that and it's hard to get back in diet mode.

There are lots of people who say, "It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle." I know they are right but I haven't figured out how to make that work for me because of this all-or-nothing outlook. You can't eat healthy all of the time and you can't chuck your diet out the window just because you have made one (or several) bad choices. But the all-or-nothing me says I have blown it.

This is also true of portion control, with the all-or-nothing mindset, if I'm not counting calories and aware of exactly how much I have consumed, then I might as well eat the whole box. I think the mindless nibbling and refusal to portion things out when I am stressed is my biggest dietary downfall.

I'm not sure how to adopt this "it's a lifestyle" approach and squash my all-or-nothing attitude and learn how to make compromises so I can get off the up/down diet rollercoaster and reach and maintain my best weight for life. 

Anybody have any tips? If so, please share!!! Thank you.