Motivation that hurts


03/26/2015 8:01PM
My doctor made sure that phrase was in ALL CAPS at the top of the first bloodwork I did with her back in October. It hurt to know how far I had let myself go, for sure. I used it as the cherry on top of the motivation I already had to get healthy - for my kids, my (as yet unborn) grand-kids, my wife, and anyone else who didn't want to see me do such damage to my body. The story certainly has a happy ending. I sit here 110 lbs. lighter than I was at my heaviest, just about five months ago. I know it's a lifelong process, but I'm committed to getting better every day! Juli - I urge you to look how far you've come since your lowest point! You're on the upward trend, and it won't be long until that phrase will be a distant memory. Keep moving forward!!

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