I haven't really wanted to say this out loud, because it hurt, but sometimes things that hurt have a really motivating effect.   I was in the doctors office and outside the door I could hear the doctor talking with the medical student he was teaching.  He was explaining to him how being 'MORBITLY OBESE" affects treatment of a fracture like mine.   Those words hurt and they keep echoing in my head, plus they are not accurate. I wanted to yell at him "hey, I worked really hard to just be overweight, I am not obese, let alone morbidly obese".  The hard truth is that it doesn't matter what the charts say, I weigh too much, and it will complicate my healing process.  I will have to use crutches longer because I can't risk putting that much weight on my ankle.  40 pounds makes a huge difference in a situation like this.  The echo of those words has helped me make much healthier choices.  I want to get to a place where noone makes that mistake.  What I want to hear is, "it is a good thing she is so healthy, it really helped her heal faster."  That is my goal, and I will never give up on it. Giving up on that goal would be giving up on myself.