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Trying Not to Let THE Chronic Illnesses Win


02/06/2016 6:34AM
I know exactly how you feel!Is this your first Pain Management appointment? When I got my referral for PM, I felt like all my doctors had written me off as hopeless. I'm happy to report that my PM doctors are excellent and working just as hard to get at the root of my problem and give me as little medication as possible as any other doctor would. In my case, the insurance is the problem. My insurance won't approve my next treatment, so I've been in (painful) limbo for months.I'm having trouble asking for what I need from friends and family, but I'm getting better. I need help getting undressed sometimes, and that's a hard one for me. Yesterday, I was frustrated by how my in-laws kept walking behind my scooter so I had to look behind to be part of their conversation or even know they were still with me. I let myself get all annoyed, and then I remembered they didn't know scooter/wheelchair etiquette, so I taught them, and then everything was fine.I also have trouble accepting my illness as part of me sometimes. It's gotten to the point that I can't remember what it feels like to not be in pain or to choose my daily activities carefully so I only have to walk so many steps. I used to be so active, and now I spend most of my day sitting. I do feel at times like this is an identity crisis, like I've become my disability and pain. It doesn't help that since I'm a part-time scooter/wheelchair user, everyone who saw me walking a day ago feels they have to say they're sorry I'm back


There were paragraps when I wrote this. Gah!


....and now I see it cut out half my post. That's what I get for rambling!

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