Trying Not to Let THE Chronic Illnesses Win

Biking Syl

02/06/2016 11:26AM
I think going to the pain management doctor is more about 'fake it 'til you make it' than about giving in. Your muscles will tighten and not let go because of the pain, so how can you work on them then? Accepting pain management is the step that will allow them to cooperate during physical therapy. You will get results from physical therapy this way, which you otherwise would miss. It's not giving in, it's a temporary crutch, which allows you to move forward. You have been seeing all those doctors, you have been doing your physical therapy, you did all that research - so WHERE on earth have you been slacking? What?!? Give yourself credit for what you did! Wishing you lots of success with the new doctor - so you won't need them very long, only until the effect of PT and everything else kicks in! ...and about your family: It happens. People hate to see a loved one in pain, they are desperate to help - but they can't. For some, this is too much to handle. Sometimes they will turn against the sick person, because they don't know what to do with all of that negative energy. So a person, who desperately wants to help you might actually attack you - or turn away to avoid that. Not funny at all. But it hurts less when you understand why they are doing it. So let's look FORWARD to a new week, new doctor, new chance to WIN! Because you will. Sending lots of positive energy!!

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